Sunday, November 19, 2017

JSwipe - Be Your Slave

Today I have a new dating app to talk to you about! I always knew that there were different religion based dating apps but I never thought much of them. That's mostly because I'm not super religious and if anything I worried that I'd get some super religious guy that I wouldn't really relate to. The last thing I want on a dating app is to have someone try to convert me to their beliefs. Or with the way the world is going I'd get some religious fanatic who would be just as crazy as most of the other guys I've talked to. In short JSwipe is set up like Tinder but the profiles are more geared to someone who is Jewish. It's all thanks to Becca that we have today's gem.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tinder - I'm Harvey Weinstein

I get that in conversation people tend to talk about current events and what is going on. That makes total sense. Sometimes getting a feel about someone's interests with what is happening tells you a lot about a person. I know people who don't date someone just because of who they voted for in the election. I can't blame anyone for doing that because I'm pretty sure those differing beliefs wouldn't be beneficial in the long run. Now making a joke about what is currently happening in the world can be funny if it is done right. Today I believe we found someone who really doesn't understand how to turn any conversation into a joke.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tinder - Tap To Remove

Today I stumbled across something truly amazing and it was on Tinder no less. I can't even begin to describe what lengths Jesse went to in order to achieve what he has created. Honestly, I wish I had thought to do this in a way just because it is so brilliant. After all this hype I've created you're ready to see what I'm talking about so let me show you how Jesse has changed the game on Tinder.