Sunday, March 18, 2018

Plenty of Fish - Easily Get Me

Today's post is about something that can get a bit annoying on dating apps. People asking why you're still single, as if you magically have the answer to that. Trust me if I had a good reason for why I was still single I'd let you know. Hello, my handle is Single Vegas Girl for a reason. I accept that I'm single and I'm fine with it but someone calling it out gets to be ridiculous. Anyways, thanks to Ginger for the screenshot on this conversation.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Coffee Meets Bagel - No Interest in Cuddling

For some reason most of my conversations on the datings apps stay in the dating apps. They usually don't progress to exchanging phone numbers because the conversation dies. There is never any sort of attempt to make plans on the guy's end. Trust me, I can try to make suggestions for something to do but the guy's are just stupid and drop the ball. That means nothing happens so it's fine. I can move on. Today I had a guy who gave me his number so I sent him a text and his response was not what I expected.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tinder - Big Down There

I love when an actual conversation happens. I mean, a legitimate one where we actually have a discussion of some sort. Sadly this has been super rare as of late. I'm mostly getting guys who are just not even saying anything to me or even responding to my messages. It's quite pathetic and one of the reasons why I'm not really using any of the dating apps much. What's the point of swiping constantly only to get matched without having a conversation happen? Today I'll share a guy with you who decided he was brilliant even with a conversation.