Friday, December 30, 2016

Blogmas 1.2 - Something Different (Disneyland Trip)

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that I was able to go to Disneyland for a week until Christmas! It wasn't just Disneyland though as we went to Universal Studios (Wizarding World of Harry Potter) and California Adventure as well. This was definitely something different for celebrating Christmas and the holidays in general because I actually wasn't with my own family. I was with a friend and her family. Sound a bit strange? I'm sure. So let me tell you the tale that led up to this wonderful vacation/trip and what happened while there!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

OkCupid - Are You My Appendix?

As we all know there are plenty of guys with lame pick up lines on all the dating apps. I think I've only dealt with maybe one guy who had a funny pickup line and that was only because it was more of a joke about himself and his family. Someone who is able to make fun of themselves is something I can get behind because they don't take everything so seriously. Other than that the rest have fallen flat. Today for you I present another one of those lame pickup lines.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tinder - Buiding a Porn Empire

I know that swiping right on everyone that shows up on Tinder seems to be a common strategy for some people in order to appear in more feeds and gain more matches. That isn't one that sits all that well with me because as you can probably tell I pay attention to who I'm swiping on. I read their bio, I check out their photos, I look at their likes and interests, and just about anything else they share. If I swiped right on everyone it'd just be a waste of my time, although it might makes things more interesting for you my dear readers. Either way let me introduce you to Cyrus who has big plans.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Blogmas 1.1 - Something New

I had planned to get a bunch of posts done during my time off at Thanksgiving but as some of you know my grandfather passed away so my time was instead spent dealing with funeral arrangements. I can't do a Blogmas post every day because that's expecting a bit much considering I work full time and then some. The plan is to do a post a week so we will see how that goes. Anyways this post is all about doing something new for Christmas! If any of you happen to be in Vegas during this month you'll want to try this for sure.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

OkCupid - Don't Be Scared

Some guys just send the wrong message when they are first trying to start a conversation. Apparently saying hello and asking how someone is doing is no longer the standard approach. I have been lucky to avoid dick pics for quite a while, which fingers crossed I will still be lucky enough to do so, but today someone decided they needed to start of the conversation talking about their dick. Is that honestly priority number one? Ok, for some guys it obviously is but is that the only thing a guy can think about discussing?