Sunday, July 31, 2016

OkCupid - Casual Relationship for Fun Times

It's been a while since I posted one of my dating app conversations and the main reason is because I've been traveling out of the country. That of course meant I got rid of my dating apps to make room on my phone for all the photos I knew that I'd be taking. I mean, I wasn't planning to match with anyone while overseas. I just didn't have time for that! But I've re-downloaded them all and the conversations have just started flowing!


Now my first problem with this guy is his age. I mean, he's more than 10 years older than me. That's a little bit too much. Also he has a picture with a baby. I mean, the baby looks tiny next to him and I double checked his profile and there was nothing about "this is my niece/nephew/cousin/etc" so I can only assume it is his child. As I've told you all before I'm just not that person who can get into a relationship with someone who all ready has kids, especially not such young ones. I mean, I'm practically going to be raising it as if I were the parent, which I'm not. Talk about a lot of responsibility I'm not ready for. 

Those were the first turn offs with this guy just based on his picture and the information you see above. Let's get on to our fun conversation! He started off fairly well saying hello and how are you but to then say he's looking for a casual relationship for fun times was an immediate turn off. I mean, am I wrong to assume that just meant he was looking for a booty call or friends with benefits? Aren't you picking up on that vibe as well? Either way you can tell by my response I question him about it and make sure to immediately express my disinterest in such an arrangement. I don't think I was being rude but I was letting him know that such a set up did not interest me at all.

I figured that he would message me back either saying that wasn't what he had meant or him trying to convince me that the relationship could be fun and eventful. Either way neither of those two things happened and I didn't hear back from him at all! That tells me he either meant having a booty call or a friends with benefits sort of relationship and was willing to drop the conversation completely or that he was just a bit turned off by me telling him that I wasn't interested in such a setup. I can honestly say I know I'm not missing out on much, it isn't that hard to know. But have you ever had a guy who just wanted to act like friends but then do more "fun times" on the side? What did you do?

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