Saturday, February 25, 2017

OkCupid - Not For Innocent Ears

Talking about how online dating is going is always fun just because some people have fun stories that they are willing to share about their experiences so far. I don't mind talking about mine as you can tell from this blog but it's always fun to hear things from a guy's perspective. They deal with the fact that they are the ones constantly sending messages hoping to get a response back. However this next guy had a story that wasn't for innocent ears.

Having one disaster doesn't sound too terrible considering I don't know what a guy could consider a disaster. I know people have all kinds of different definitions for what is a success and what isn't when it comes to dating. Now why would he mention that there was a disaster if he wasn't going to talk about it? After he told me it wasn't a story for innocent ears I wasn't sure what he expected me to say. Something about me not being innocent so then he'd tell me his story? Was he just trying to hype up what the story actually was?

Either way he never said anything after that. No story and no more messages. What was the purpose of this entire conversation? Was it just for him to see if I would say that I would do some naughty stuff in order for the conversation to continue? Does he not realize that Tinder exists if he wants some sort of booty call? His account doesn't even exist anymore and is inactive, meaning he grew bored of OkCupid because it didn't offer what he wanted to find I'm guessing.

This guy didn't have to beat around the bush and should have instead just been straight up and honest about what he was looking for. Have you had a guy try to pull this sort of stunt? Start a conversation that seems normal before he just disappears because you obviously aren't offering what he's looking for? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:


  1. I don't really understand the dude mind, to be honest, haha! He sounds like a bunch of people I've come into contact with in person, actually. I couldn't tell you anything about it - like I said, they confuse me.

    Ashlynn, The Crimson Cardigan

  2. He sounds like a typical guy in my life! Yawn.

    Sian x

  3. I was kinda curious to see if he actually had a disaster situation! I also wanted to know what he considered a disaster. During my short time on tinder, I never had a situation like this xxx

    Melina |

  4. I've never been on tinder so I'm really not up-to-date with online dating or what happens etc. However, I do wish you the best of luck with finding the right guy for you. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

  5. omg that's actually so annoying that he would say that and not tell you!! I feel like guys are always trying to make it seem like they have something interesting to say when they don't know what to do :)

  6. I never even used tinder, but I really can't imagine where this conversation was going to go

  7. Guys are confusing. I would like to know what his disaster was though...

    Tasha x

  8. Not a story for innocent ears? What an eejit.
    He obviously expected that line to spark curiousity & excitement on your part. All he got was a blog post! Hahaha!

    I always look forward to hearing your online dating adventures because it's something I've never done before.

    Charlene McElhinney

  9. Yeah I really don't understand men. That made no sense at all on his part.

    Shawn Bethea
    Blogger | IBD Advocate
    Twitter | Instagram: @ShawnBethea_

  10. What the hell does he mean by "not a story for innocent ears"?? He can't simply judge someone as innocent. That's hella rude. xo

  11. Like you say why would he even mention it if he wasn't going to talk about it? Weirrrrd.
    Amy xx

  12. Innocent ears eh? Lol. It's like he's trying to get you to be like "tell me, tell me!!" Ugh lol
    XX Jen beautylifemom

  13. Oh no, what a let down! I was so intrigued by this supposedly crazy story! hahah! I don't understand men at all, good riddance to this one I suppose!

    Abbey 😘

  14. A guys bad date and a girls are totally different things. I don't see why he wouldn't tell you. But he pretty much sounds like most single guys I know. Trying to keep you coming back for more.

    Tania ||


  15. Just for one day I would like to go inside a mans brain... just to see lol xxxxxx

  16. He can't start a story and leave? What the heck? Haha. Guys!

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

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  18. What a tease. God! Men. Hahahaha.