Saturday, April 14, 2018

7 Automatic Turn Offs

This post relates to after meeting someone on a dating app because we all know how good I am at bashing profiles and calling them out for being ridiculous. I'm sure that most of this list could be applied to people in general but that's beside the point. Either way I have a few people in mind as I type this up so it might get a little more detailed at times. I have met guys that fit in almost every category for me and that's kind of a blessing in disguise because I know when to just call things off and walk away. Plus it helped make this list so bonus!

1. Being Sloppy

I'm sorry, if the floor of your place is dirty covered in hair and dirt that's not ok. I don't care if you have a pet. It's not that hard to sweep. If I find ants in your trash can that means you haven't taken out the trash in ages. That's disgusting. I'm surprised you even bring anyone to your place because with how gross it is there is a terrible odor. Are you just so used to it that you don't smell it? Please get your act together and clean your place. It isn't that hard.

2. Personal Hygiene

Look, I shower every day. I know there are people who say they don't have to wash their hair every day but that doesn't mean they don't bathe. You should bathe because if not you stink. The only reason for you to not bathe is if you are gone hiking in the woods or on a fishing trip where you don't have access to any sort of running water in order to take a shower. This can also be applied to simple things like brushing your teeth or shaving. Your bathroom is right there so go take care of business.

3. Laziness

I get that we all like to have those lazy days where we lounge around and do nothing but watch Netflix or play video games. However, you can't have a lazy day every day. There has to be something that requires your attention. Whether it's your job, going on a hike for fun, or spending time with friends. If you aren't willing to go out and do something it makes me think you're going to be just as lazy with our relationship. If I wanted to sit around and do nothing I could do that by myself.

4. Attitude

We don't all get along very well with our parents nor do we have perfect relationships with everyone we meet. That's fine but that doesn't mean you get to treat everyone you meet like they're beneath you. Seeing a guy treat anyone, his mother or a waitress, with disrespect immediately makes me want to walk away. They don't deserve being treated like that and if the guy is doing it with others he will soon be doing it to you, either to your face or behind your back.

5. Communication

It's great that we have so many apps to communicate with each other but if all we ever do is message each other and never actually get together to do anything then what is the point? You can send me hundreds of snaps but you can't ask me to get dinner? That's a problem that I'm not going to wait around for you to fix. Another issue with communication is a guy who is so absorbed in his phone while he's with you. Are we unable to have a conversation while we're on a date? What's so important on your phone anyways?

6. You're Special

You can't say, "All girls are like that... except you!" That does not somehow make things better. There's nothing I hate more then when a guy is with his friends bashing on girls but then remembering I'm there and saying that I'm the exception. You sound like a complete and total idiot, which you are. You obviously need to interact with more girls, which might be hard considering how stupid you are. I don't blame them for avoiding you like the plague.

7. Drinking and Smoking

I know some girls have no problem with a guy who drinks and smokes. That's totally up to them. There comes a point though where a guy drinks so much he gets black out drunk and you're stuck babysitting him the whole night. That's not very fun. With smoking I don't find it attractive and just because you have a bunch of cigars that doesn't make you any more badass. It just makes you look like a douche. I have to add vaping onto this category as well because I seriously don't understand the hype. It reeks! I can't stand the smell so you doing it in front of me does not make you look cool.

What do you all thing? Are any of these automatic turn offs for you as well? Or are there some more I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments below. (:

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