Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tinder - Faithfully Mistreated

I think everyone can agree that talking about an ex is not something to bring up immediately in any situation when first starting out dating someone new. I mean, there's a point in a relationship where you may mention that you were previously engaged or something along those lines but bringing up an ex sounds like you're reminiscing about them. It sounds like you miss them and want them back, which is not something anyone really wants to hear. I think on the dating apps it is the same way and there is being upfront and then there's oversharing. 

We're going to call this guy Travis just to make things a bit easier. Now, I have to applaud Travis for saying that he has a kid. I appreciate someone being upfront when it comes to having kids from a previous relationship. There are people who are comfortable with others having kids and those who aren't as comfortable. It's a whole different thing that isn't worth debating right now because it's truly a personal choice and comfort level. Now the part that I don't care for is him saying he was faithful for ten years and he was mistreated by his girl who he has a kid with. To be quite honest I don't necessarily think that is the right way to go about saying things, especially in a first introduction.

Travis says that he didn't get revenge while she was cheating on him but instead broke it off. If I'm being honest the fact that Travis was with her for ten years while she was doing things on the side makes me wonder about him. I'm curious to know how long he knew it was going on? How many second chances did he give her? I mean, she's obviously really messed up but for Travis to deal with that is kind of sad. Sure, it might have been Travis thought he should stick with her because of the kid but I can't say I approve of anyone staying together "for the sake of a kid" because it just strains the relationship even more. 

The rest of Travis' profile seems just fine. He enjoys cooking, skateboarding, playing guitar, and trying new things. Those are positives, at least in my book, and he does care about being healthy and doesn't mind letting loose every once in a while. In my opinion this is what Travis should stick to with his profile. Instead of dragging his ex, no matter how true it is, that seems to be starting off with a negative when talking about himself.

I'm curious what all of you think? Do you think Travis should have started off saying that he was faithful while being mistreated for ten years? Or do you think he should have started off saying how happy he is to have a kid and shared why he loves his kid? Let me know in the comments below. (:

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