Saturday, December 15, 2018

The League - Mr. F

For those of you who follow me on twitter you know that it's been a bit of a whirlwind these past few weeks due to one Mr. F. If you've watched Arrested Development I hope you enjoy the reference just because I find it funny. Sadly, it is not Charlize Theron though who I met. Although wouldn't have have been super surprising? Now that would be a big surprise. Anyway, let's get on to the story.

Mr. F. started messaging me on the app saying that I was the first person he matched with on The League. Keep in mind the League only gives you one, maybe two matches at a time so you aren't really overwhelmed. At the same time you can go quite a while without a match either. Anyway, he messaged asking how I was and what I was up to. I've become really terrible about checking the apps in general to be honest so I was a bit slow messaging back. He ended up offering to text if that was easier and gave me his number. I started texted him and found out where he worked, what brought him to Vegas, and the usual slew of important questions.

Mr. F. was texting me every day, which was both surprising and exciting. I mean, most of the guys I match with barely message me a few times before they ghost so to have someone messaging me daily made me feel special. What can I say? The little things matter. Mr. F. wanted to meet up and so we decided to meet at a Starbucks. Yeah, we met over coffee. Such a cliche but whatever, it works. The date and time we planned for ended up getting cancelled by Mr. F. It was raining that say, which is very shocking Vegas weather, and asked if we could reschedule. I said sure and we set it for a few days later.

Now one thing to keep in mind is the fact that in Vegas people drive crazy when it rains. No one is used to having wet roads and they tend to continuing speeding even though they could easily slide due to the slick conditions. If I'm being honest I wasn't truly bothered because I hate driving in the rain because of the other drivers. It's dangerous and you can always hear police and ambulance sirens going because there are so many accidents.

We ended up meeting at Starbucks a few days later. He got there first since I got caught in traffic, but I was only a few minutes late and he had texted saying not to worry. When I walked inside no one else was in there, so I figured he was waiting in his car. I ordered my drink and then went to wait and he walked inside. We exchanged hellos, he ordered a drink, and then we hugged. I legit said, "You're actually tall" to him when I hugged him and Mr. F. laughed. He said, "Yes, I am. You are too though!" I laughed as well before explaining that most of the guys I'd met on the dating apps were my height at best even though they said they were taller.

After we had our drinks we sat down and talked. We spent two hours just talking. We talked about work, why we were in Vegas, and various other things. He ended up getting another drink and offered to get me a refill as well but I politely declined, saying I'd had enough. After the two hours we finally decided it was time to say goodbye and head home. He texted me within an hour saying he'd had a good time and wanted to take me out again. I texted back saying I had a good time as well and that we definitely should get together again.

There were a few more days of texting and then there were dinner plans. We decided to go to one of the hotel/casinos because there are tons of restaurants inside that are great. Mr. F. is definitely a foodie as I discovered on his Instagram (yes we exchanged handles) but I can't complain because I too love finding good food. It was only after I got to the hotel/casino that I realized I had no idea where the restaurant was. Yes, it was inside, but I didn't know where. As a local I always park in the parking garage out of habit, just to make things easier, and so I was walking around on the casino floor trying to find the restaurant.

Mr. F. started texting me asking if I'd made it yet and I said I was on my way since I was on the casino floor. He said he was too and just as I was typing out "I bet we're walking circles around each other" we saw each other. I even showed him my text after we hugged and he informed me that the restaurant had an hour wait. He asked if I wanted to wait that long and I admitted I didn't. So we roamed around to find another restaurant that looked good. The next one we found had a 30 minute wait and Mr. F. explained that he'd never had such a wait time before so he was annoyed.

We continued to walk around and found a ramen place that looked good. There was no wait so we went for it. The food we ordered was delicious and we spent two hours there just talking about family, travel, work again, and movies. There was plenty to talk about and to be honest it was nice to speak to someone who could hold an actual conversation. No moments of awkward silence came up, which seems like a miracle to me, and we even continued talking after our meal was finished. One funny thing was that the waiter kept giving me a refill on my water but never gave any to Mr. F., which makes me laugh when I think about it. That came to bite me in the butt later because I had to pee though! When the bill came Mr. F. immediately took it and paid for it, even though I offered to help pay some but he refused. I thanked him and honestly I haven't had a date who actually paid for a meal in ages so it was nice. Not that I went out of my way to buy anything expensive though but I have no problem paying for half.

Mr. F. had bragged that he drove a Tesla so I told him after dinner he could take me for a ride in it. I held true to my word and we went out to the parking lot to find his car. It was a bit chilly out and while I was fine, but Mr. F. was freezing even with his jacket on (although it was more for design than warmth to be fair). His phone didn't have service though so he couldn't make his car beep and he had no idea where he parked. I joked and teased that I couldn't carry his body to his car if hypothermia took him but I would gladly take it whenever his phone decided to have service. He drove around on the freeway and we just talked about random things. Soon it was time for me to head home though, because I have an earlier wakeup time than he does for work.

Mr. F. drove me back to where my car was parked and we hugged goodbye. I texted him once I got home saying I'd made it safely and he said he had as well. Then there was the "I had a great time" text which was the truth and he sent one as well. During our dinner conversation Mr. F. had talked about a bunch of other restaurants he wanted to take me to as well as movies. I told him that I was always up for food and movies while offering to plan a hike since he hadn't been on many hikes in Vegas. Now we'll see what happens next so stay tuned.

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