Saturday, December 17, 2016

OkCupid - Are You My Appendix?

As we all know there are plenty of guys with lame pick up lines on all the dating apps. I think I've only dealt with maybe one guy who had a funny pickup line and that was only because it was more of a joke about himself and his family. Someone who is able to make fun of themselves is something I can get behind because they don't take everything so seriously. Other than that the rest have fallen flat. Today for you I present another one of those lame pickup lines.

I'm sorry. Are you a doctor who thinks that is funny? Has anyone ever actually laughed at that or engaged in a conversation with you after you've said that? I'm pretty sure they've all either ignored you or given you a cheeky response or maybe even a dirty look. Unless it was an elderly person who might have felt bad for you and laughed just to try and make you feel better. Poor guy. A pity laugh from the elderly is never much good. 

I hope you realize that getting an appendix taken out may not seem like a big deal but you should probably know what it does if you want it removed so badly. I almost feel like you're referring to me as something that needs to be removed from you because you have no clue what I'm about. That's completely fine with me if I'm being honest because I'm not the least bit interested in you. If the best thing you have to send me is a pickup line that you're trying desperately to have someone respond to it just isn't going to work out. Also the public bathroom mirror selfie isn't giving you any bonus points. Good luck with those laughs from the elderly.

What did you all think? Did his pickup line actually make any of you laugh? Is this one you've heard before because I certainly haven't. Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:


  1. I've heard them all! the pick up lines can sometimes be a funny opening but most of the time they are a dead end! I've done a section in my blog all about my tinder experience's you should check it out :) look forward to following your dating journey!

  2. It made me laugh but only because it's so rubbish! I'm not sure if pick-up lines actually work but they don't for me. I find them all very cheesy and tend to laugh at the person telling them rather than at the joke!

    Sian x