Friday, December 9, 2016

Blogmas 1.1 - Something New

I had planned to get a bunch of posts done during my time off at Thanksgiving but as some of you know my grandfather passed away so my time was instead spent dealing with funeral arrangements. I can't do a Blogmas post every day because that's expecting a bit much considering I work full time and then some. The plan is to do a post a week so we will see how that goes. Anyways this post is all about doing something new for Christmas! If any of you happen to be in Vegas during this month you'll want to try this for sure.

Down at the Bellagio on the Strip there is always a giant floral display in their lobby. Mind you it is totally free so if you happen to be down on the Strip just stop by their lobby and you'll see it I'm sure. They have a whole section dedicated to it and there is always a theme. Seeing as how it is December the theme is of course Christmas! My friends took me along with them when they went and I am so glad they did! Let's give you a few photo visuals to begin with.

The tree in the photo above is a White Fur that is 442 feet tall! It came from the forest of Mt. Shasta and weighs approximately 9,500 pounds. On it you'll see 14,500 feet of led lights. There are also 2,5000 ornaments and of course a silver sparkling star on top!

Can't have the holidays without the Coca-Cola bears now can we? For those of you wondering what the polar bears are made of they are covered in flowers! Amazing isn't it?

When I took the above photo some older man was giving me grief saying that he too enjoyed taking pictures of the tiled floor because it was so beautiful. Mind you the tree is so large that I had to crouch in order to get it all to fit within the frame.

There is always a painting done with flowers for the theme that Bellagio puts on and this one seriously takes the cake in my opinion. Do you see the details of the flowers? Can you see the log cabin with the snow? I mean, how much time and effort and planning did that take? There is always someone who takes care of the "painting" as well with a misting bottle to keep the flowers fresh and lively.

What's great about this latest setup is that Bellagio and Coca-Cola have teamed up and with every picture posted using #Bellagioholiday they will donate $1 to Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. They're paying up to $25,000 so basically you should post a photo if you're there and give it the hashtag to help out. Do a good deed and help the big companies put their money where their mouth is. (:

So if you're in Vegas for the holidays check out this amazing display while you can. It'll be Christmas card worthy for sure. Even if you aren't in Vegas for the holidays stop by at any other time to see the amazing setup. So, what do you think of the display? Would you want to see it in person? Have you been to the Bellagio before and seeb a different theme? What was it? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:


  1. I never had the chance to go to vegas but that whole setup looks amazing! I am sorry to hear about your grandfather...may he Rest In Peace. That must have been tough. I'm getting my Christmas blog post up eventually (maybe tomorrow) but yeah blogmas is so not happening for me either! Full time work and mom stuff make it too difficult. XX Jen

  2. Hey girl! I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger! So, I'm nominating you! && I know, this isn't really your kind of thing but your post are hysterical & super relatable, to about everyone! You defiantly deserve some recognition! You cab check out my post here ���� Congrats hun!