Saturday, December 3, 2016

OkCupid - Don't Be Scared

Some guys just send the wrong message when they are first trying to start a conversation. Apparently saying hello and asking how someone is doing is no longer the standard approach. I have been lucky to avoid dick pics for quite a while, which fingers crossed I will still be lucky enough to do so, but today someone decided they needed to start of the conversation talking about their dick. Is that honestly priority number one? Ok, for some guys it obviously is but is that the only thing a guy can think about discussing?

I honestly can't believe that this guy is for real. Who starts off a conversation with a stranger with that sort of message? Perhaps I could understand a bit better if I had put on my profile that I was only looking for a hook up or even that I wanted a bunch of dick pics sent my way. That isn't the case though so instead I decided to play with him and act as though his supposed 11 inch dick wasn't enough. He was obviously a bit thrown off by my response that I only like 12 inch dick because he wondered if that was a joke. 

That response gave him enough time to think that he could add another inch to his dick in order to suddenly make me think that he was interesting once more. As if he is doing myself or other women a favor by claiming that he is lying about only having an 11 inch dick. He just doesn't want to scare women with how big of a dick he supposedly has. I'm starting to think that he actually has a tiny dick and claims to have a big dick in order to match his wildest dreams. Then if and when a woman actually meets up with him they don't even care to see his tiny dick after realizing what a giant dick he actually is. 

Perhaps that is the new way guys are measuring their dicks, they are adding on their personality so that they can have something bigger because to them size matters. As if a girl couldn't figure out that they were full of shit and lying when the time actually came for them to get undressed. It amazes me what guys will say at this point. After I corrected myself saying I meant 13 inches he didn't respond. I guess he realized he couldn't claim to have been lying again in order to not scare me and add another inch to his dick.

Is anyone else getting a bunch of guys who only worry about their dicks lately? What do you think of my fun conversation? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:


  1. I am actually losing it at his response. Normally, I don't laugh too hard at these messages, mostly because I'm too bloody confused, but holy carp, that was too good. There was something so beautiful about how you responded, "Sorry, I meant 13 inches." ������

    mchi (@mchiouji) | ❤

  2. Yeah I sometimes get these messages too... and by sometimes pretty much all the time! It makes me lose the will to date! Your response though made me laugh!

  3. "Who starts off a conversation with a stranger with that sort of message?" Literally every guy on Grindr! I'm always just like, okay, if that's your best selling point, by all means, I guess...

  4. Haha as if that was his response! Cringe! Some guys definitely need a few tips on how to woo a woman and none of the ways involve mentioning your dick!!