Saturday, March 10, 2018

Coffee Meets Bagel - No Interest in Cuddling

For some reason most of my conversations on the datings apps stay in the dating apps. They usually don't progress to exchanging phone numbers because the conversation dies. There is never any sort of attempt to make plans on the guy's end. Trust me, I can try to make suggestions for something to do but the guy's are just stupid and drop the ball. That means nothing happens so it's fine. I can move on. Today I had a guy who gave me his number so I sent him a text and his response was not what I expected.

We started chatting and of course the topic of Valentine's Day came up. I imagine it's because Isaach was checking whether or not I was actually single. You know, just check to see if I had some romantic plans so he knew about any sort of competition. Even if that's not the case it doesn't really matter to me. It was something that was easy to talk about and he mentioned that he had a kitten so the conversation changed to that.

For whatever reason Coffee Meets Bagel is terrible with notifications for me. Half the time I don't know I have a new message and trust me, I know hot to turn on and off notifications so that isn't the issue. Anyways he gave me his phone number and I texted him.

He's not interested in cuddling anymore? Trust me, if that was what he had in his profile that wouldn't have been the reason for us messaging. There was nothing about looking for someone to cuddle with anywhere in his profile. I don't play that game of just trying to hook up with someone. I am actually looking for a relationship. Why even give his number out if he was deleting his profile? Sometimes I just don't get guys. They don't make any sense.

What do you all think about Issach? Has this happened to you? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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