Saturday, October 21, 2017


We know that profiles can be truly difficult to fill out sometimes. It's been seen time and time again by those of you who read this blog considering I share them with you a lot of the time. I suppose some people will never learn. I can't fix stupid though. All I can do is share with you all the struggle I go through trying to use the dating apps to find someone.The gem today comes from Sarah who shows us that some people are just hypocrites who really don't have a clue.

I need to know, can Evan's chin truly cut fruit? How is that possible? Does he tape a knife to it? Maybe Evan is just so amazing his chin is such a fine point he can do anything. Perhaps he can even carve messages into the bark of trees with his chin when he cares to. That's such a strange thing to share about oneself. Is it supposed to be some sort of hidden talent or perk that I'm unaware of? I am seriously at a loss for words because I just want an answer.

Why is he telling a story about crossing the street? Just because he was called handsome? Is that to inflate his own ego? Just because someone else calls your handsome doesn't mean that I'm going to find you handsome Evan. I often disagree with other peoples opinions when it comes to whether or not someone is attractive. Especially because looks aren't everything although they can be quite nice.

I find it so ironic he posted a group photo after saying he doesn't like seeing group photos. I know the clown faces are in the way but from what I can tell none of these clowns have a knife taped to their chin. Which one of them could possibly have the chin that is able to cut fruit? Even his minor detail is not helping me in deciphering who he is. I do agree that people should not use group photos on dating apps. Don't have photos with anyone else because you want it all about you. Come on now, get it together.

Playing guitar is cool. What else do you do with that talent Evan? Do you write music or are you just trying to seem like Joh Mayer because you can strum a guitar? Please don't get me wrong, being musical in any way is a talent but you need to actually do something with it. I have a friend who loves singing so she is involved with musicals and auditioning for small productions of different shows. Does Evan play in a band or do open mic nights somewhere? Tell me more Evan!

Is Evan telling us that I am not allowed to wear salmon shorts? Or is it that he is not allowed to wear salmon shorts? Or is it just an equation that doesn't work for him? What does he have against salmon shorts? How did they hurt him? Was he just injured by them because some of his buddies wore them and they were found to be more attractive with them on? Needless to say I have many questions yet no answers.

If Evan wants me to have more than just good looks why does he care if I have big hair? Does he want it to be full of secrets? This must be a Mean Girls reference right? What else could it possibly be? I always think of the 80's for big hair but maybe that's just me.

What do you think of Evan? Do you have more questions than answers like I do? How annoyed do you get when someone posts a group photo on a dating app? Do you think it is truly possible for him to have a chin that can cut fruit? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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