Sunday, October 1, 2017

Plenty of Fish - Date Amnesia

I know that when you're swiping through on the apps you can get a sense of déjà vu because you feel like you've seen someone before and swiped all ready. I know I get that feeling but I figure that either the app is the one with the problem or the guy just rejoined after leaving for a while. That's no big deal because things happen. On some apps your conversation gets timed out so if an actual conversation happens after a match later that's fine. Today we have Todd who seems to have amnesia when it comes to going on dates with Ginger.

I find it very hard to come to terms with the fact that Todd has no recollection of the fact that he went on a date with Ginger all ready. I mean, to go from having a conversation with someone and to then ask them on a date to try and meet up only to then completely forget about it sounds completely sketch doesn't it? I can remember the guys that I've met up with on the dating apps, for better or worse, but I do remember them. I've never even rematched with them on the app after meeting them and things not working out. Why? Well I've never seen them on the app again and if I did I would swipe left.

I can only imagine that Todd is a serial dater if he can't even remember going on a date with Ginger. I know I haven't had a ton of dates from using dating apps but I imagine if you're constantly going out to meet up with different women you would forget some of them. It's bound to happen, right? There are guys who literally swipe right on every girl who shows up and then they pick and choose who to have a conversation with after there is a match. Todd probably does that in an attempt to just meet up with women to feel super masculine.

What makes this even better is the fact that Todd was so late to the date that Ginger was leaving when he finally arrived. That's terrible timing and just plain rude. I get that sometimes things happen but that's why we have this amazing thing called a cellphone. It isn't hard to shoot someone a text to say that you're running late or that there was an accident on your way to get to the date. I've had to do that before and things were fine because I was able to communicate.

I truly think that Todd is just the kind of douchebag who dates whoever he can but then picks and chooses when he wants to show up. There honestly isn't a great reason for trying to match with someone again when you all ready had a chance and totally blew it. I love how Ginger put him in his place and he didn't even respond. Not that he would even have much of a response but still.

What do you all think of Todd? Do you think he's just someone who serial dates or do you think he deserves a chance at trying again even after being super late to the meet up date? You all know where I stand so let me know what you think in the comments below.

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