Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tinder - Big Down There

I love when an actual conversation happens. I mean, a legitimate one where we actually have a discussion of some sort. Sadly this has been super rare as of late. I'm mostly getting guys who are just not even saying anything to me or even responding to my messages. It's quite pathetic and one of the reasons why I'm not really using any of the dating apps much. What's the point of swiping constantly only to get matched without having a conversation happen? Today I'll share a guy with you who decided he was brilliant even with a conversation.

We're going to call this guy Toby for the sake of this story. Toby actually messaged me and we were chatting about work and being excited for it to finally be the weekend. That sounds good enough because it's just a start to the conversation. We're figuring each other out a bit and then trying to make plans. When it finally came time to meet up Toby decided to bail! He didn't have any real good excuse and I say that because he legit said, "Sorry I can't make it". That was it. He couldn't tell me why? Even something as simple as "Hey, family emergency came up. I can't make it." That would have been fine. That makes sense. I would only ask more if he felt like sharing. I tried to ask what happened but he refused to respond.

At this point I'm just thinking, ok fine. He got busy or decided to hang with friends instead because that's a bit safer than meeting up with a stranger. As you all know I am quite scary and intimidating at this point even on a dating app. The message you see above it what Toby finally decided to send to me. If I'm being honest this sounds like a message a friend would send when they take a phone. You know, just trying to play things off and act super cool. That would be a somewhat good sign because that means Toby is talking to his friends about me but at the same time why would they be messaging me?

I thought I could give Toby the benefit of the doubt and see if he tried to fix things. You know, tell me "Sorry my friend sent that!" because really that does sound like something a friend would message. Just trying to be funny. I can't explain it but I've met plenty of "bros" and it sounds like something they would do. That isn't to say all guys are like this though. Either way Toby never said anything else. He never messaged me anything more. So I guess Toby decided to bail for real because he thought I couldn't handle him. Bragging about loving to give oral while being pretty big isn't that enticing.

What do you all think? Do you agree that maybe it was a friend that sent the message? Or are you thinking he said it after chickening out about meeting up? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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