Sunday, March 18, 2018

Plenty of Fish - Easily Get Me

Today's post is about something that can get a bit annoying on dating apps. People asking why you're still single, as if you magically have the answer to that. Trust me if I had a good reason for why I was still single I'd let you know. Hello, my handle is Single Vegas Girl for a reason. I accept that I'm single and I'm fine with it but someone calling it out gets to be ridiculous. Anyways, thanks to Ginger for the screenshot on this conversation.

He may be thinking that he's giving a compliment by saying she is gorgeous but that isn't a compliment. It should be apparent enough that she's single and that's a reason enough to be on the app. Then when she states that he mentions getting whatever guy she wants easily. The guy starting this conversation obviously is thinking that Ginger just wants to go out and sleep with whatever random guy she may find. That isn't the point of a relationship. Or at least that isn't my definition of a relationship and I'm certain that's not what Ginger is looking for either. That would be what Tinder is for and putting in your profile that you're just looking for a hookup.

Whenever someone says something like this in a conversation I immediately get turned off. It makes me want to reverse the question and ask them the same thing. Why are they single and on the app? Why would they bother using it when they can get whoever they want? But then again that isn't really the case at times because some profiles just scream weird and I'm not surprised. Maybe that's a bit harsh but it's the truth as far as I'm concerned.

This guys is literally asking why are you broken? I mean, that's what I get from it. Like, why aren't you with whatever guy you want? What is it that is wrong with you? This is something that gets annoying and can honestly turn a lot of people off to talking to others about why they're single or even the whole dating scene. I know when my family brings up that I'm still single at family gatherings everyone will "awwww" at me as if it just such a sad little story. They will then go on to say that the guys just don't know what they're missing out on and I know that's the case. I'm not broken and neither is Ginger. If anything our problem is that we've set our standards high and we're not willing to lower them.

What do you all take from this? When someone says "Why are you still single?" do you take it to be a compliment or do you see it as something rude? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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