Friday, May 11, 2018

Life Update As Promised

I know I promised to update you all on my life a few weeks ago, or maybe even longer. If I'm being honest at this point time is just sort of melding together so it is one big mess. But either way I've now finally sat down to type this up and let you all know what's been going on, which will help explain the lack of posts on my end as well as the funny dating app stories because I haven't really had time for them. Let's get to it, shall we?

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or just have followed the blog long enough to know a bit about me you know that I work with at risk youth in schools. That means I help to get kids the school supplies they need to they can be successful. Now on top of that I also help kids get anything else they may need. It varies depending on who I am working with but sometimes it is clothes, shoes, or even just food so they have something to eat. I worked a crazy schedule of 40+ hours a week and sometimes working nights and sometimes working days. It varied because I was getting new kids to work with and then trying to help them with their needs. I can't even begin to tell you the crazy midnight stories of going to help get attorney so custody was proven so a kid wasn't taken by a wrongful adult.

The work I was doing was super rewarding, don't get me wrong. I didn't mind the crazy hours and hectic sort of schedule because I loved what I was doing and I loved working with the kids. However, recently things suddenly changed. My supervisors decided to change what I was doing, out of the blue and without warning. What they did was basically a slap in the face by practically demoting me and changing my work to be more in the office instead of actually working with the kids I'd been with for months (some even the whole school year). You may be saying, "But an office job sounds so nice and easy! Why wouldn't you want that? How is that a demotion?" I would basically be put back to doing the grunt work that usually interns or volunteers do, which is help sort supplies and that sort of thing. I had all ready been working with kids one on one and helping to meet their needs that it just seemed wrong to suddenly be switched back to something I was beyond if that makes sense.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful about the fact that I have a job and that I'm being paid to work but it wasn't what I signed up for if that makes sense. So that was when things started to spiral a bit for me. I knew that I couldn't work with supervisors who refused to talk to me face to face about the fact that they were going to change my position. Their lack of communication along with obvious disregard for common courtesy made me realize I didn't want to work with them any more. I would have understood if they came and talked to me saying that they needed someone to run the office or to help get more supplies and donations for a bit while training a new hire. That would have made sense but nothing like that happened because again, THEY NEVER TALKED TO ME!

So I decided I could fake nice for the time being and try to get by. Instead I found myself dreading to go to work every day because I wasn't helping the kids who I'd built those relationships with. I knew I was still helping but it wasn't with that personal connection I'd grown use to. It left me doubting myself and what I was doing. That was when I decided I need to find a new job where I was actually appreciated by my supervisors and spoken to like an adult, rather than treated like a rag doll that just gets thrown around. That meant going on a job hunt and let me tell you the application process was brutal. My supervisors basically blackballed me from getting any sort of interview because the company I work for is fairly well known. So their word is basically is law in the eyes of some. Finally after a few weeks though I was able to get an interview by a group out of my supervisor's reach and I was offered a job on the spot!

Lately I've been dealing with adjusting to my new job and a whole new group of people so that has kept me plenty busy. To add even more drama on to my life I was told that I might be homeless after I get home from Spain because the contract I have for my place expires the day I get home and apparently none of my roommates sold their contracts so I would have to move out to allow for a new group of people to come in and take over the contracts. Let's be honest, I wasn't about to pay multiple contracts to just keep myself in one place and I get that having a group signed on to a contract is better than a single person. That meant I went into a flurry of rage on the internet as the search began for trying to find new roommates so that I wouldn't have to worry about being homeless right after my vacation. At the moment I've found two people interested in the contract to live with me and although we can all say stranger danger on the internet I'm willing to take a chance and play things by ear.

Now that things are a bit more sorted it is almost time for my big summer vacation to begin so I might not have many posts coming up or dating app stories but maybe I'll get to do some more fun travel posts. I've been meaning to do them forever but I just get so behind on things because of life. I hope my little story makes sense and helps explain why I was MIA for so long. I'll keep you all posted on the roommate situation and how my job goes as time passes. Thank you for all being so lovely and supportive and understanding.

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