Wednesday, March 30, 2016

OkCupid - Joey

Profile pictures in general are difficult to choose. I get that. You want all your friends to see the super cool thing you are doing and you want to look cool doing it. That makes picking out a few pictures to display on a dating app harder because you want people to see you while getting to know a bit about you without having them judge you entirely on your looks. That's cool. I get that.So please allow me some time when I first start the app greasy Joey.

So in the mess of messages that the OkCupid app doesn't know how to handle properly I notice a message from Joey mere minutes after I first created my profile. He messaged me saying "i'd love to see more pics of u" which is a bit creepy when you consider the fact that I was just barely getting started with the app so I only got to choose one picture to use when setting up the account. Like calm down. What do you need more photos of me for? Nevermind. Please don't answer the question. Joey, your photo of you covered in grease and oil do not make you look attractive, it just makes you look dirty especially when you are in the bathroom taking a mirror selfie. The shower is right there so please use it. This is not The Walking Dead and you are no Daryl Dixon. Please move along and away from me.

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