Thursday, March 31, 2016

OkCupid - Vu

What do you tell a guy that you literally matched with less than 24 hours ago when he asks to meet up? I mean, normally I think there needs to be a bit more conversation right? Especially when you consider the fact that it isn't as if we've been messaging on the app nonstop. We both actually work and have lives, which is probably surprising to some of the people who seem to be living on the app. Let's break this down a bit.

Right now we have about 40 previous messages between us and it's all talk about travel because our profiles are similar in that regard. Although he did mention he is very upset that we just matched and he leaves on Friday to travel to Australia. See, now that does suck a bit because he'll be gone for two weeks. That's what most of our messages are about considering I've been to Australia so he was asking for things to do and what is best to do in different cities. That's cool with me because it means he wants to see the world and he puts himself out there. I went with a tour group and he's going solo!

So, he asked if we could meet up for coffee or something before he leaves on Friday, which I totally get because it sucks for him that he's going to be out of the country while I might magically disappear and get a boyfriend while he is gone. This will be my first actual meetup from using an app though so I'm a bit curious but I should also probably mention that I'm not attracted to him. According to his profile he's my height and from pictures he seems to be adventurous but he isn't exactly my cup of tea. But I figure hey, what the heck I might make a few friends from a dating app because that's always a possibility too right? Now to figure out if I'm going to meet up with him for coffee.

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