Thursday, March 31, 2016

Clover - Jonathan

So I was sorting through my likes on Clover, deleting those who I wasn't interested in, and I ended up with a few matches before I received a message from Jonathan. The only part I see in my notification is "So you're super cute. I am" and that's the end of it. I figure he's doing the right thing by giving a compliment first before starting a conversation but I was wrong.

Here's the breakdown for you to read and my thoughts at the end:

Jonathan: "So you're super cute. I am driving through Vegas in like 9 days and was looking for a layover place to crash... You're the first person I have asked so you should tell me if this is too awkward or weird to say lol"

Me: "Well thank you. To be honest that is a little weird to ask, especially since that's the first thing you're bringing up to me."

Jonathan: "Hmmm what would have been better? Like some intro "hi's" and stuff?"

Me: "Possibly. Also you should make sure the person you're asking actually has a place for you to crash."

Jonathan: "Hmm makes sense. Thanks for the tips. Also what's your answer? *insert laugh crying emoji*"

Me: "Welcome. And I'm going to have to say no since I'm the person who doesn't have room."

Jonathan: "Haha ok :)"

I don't know if you're aware of this Jonathan but there are plenty of hotels for you to stay in or even plenty of other companies that are all about couch surfing if you just need a place for a night. Why would you start a conversation off like that with a stranger? Like, if I would have said yes to you does that mean you would have turned up on my doorstep in nine days ready to crash in my place? Perhaps I should have said yes and given him an address to a cardboard box with his name on it... Ok, that would be terribly mean but it would have been funny to watch. Don't deny it. You can be a terrible person just like me. Either way he hasn't said a thing since that so I'm pretty sure he's over it. I wonder if he's found a girl who told him he could crash with her...

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