Monday, October 3, 2016

Life is Beautiful Day 2 Review

I'm so happy that many of you enjoyed my review of Day 1 for Life is Beautiful. I wasn't exactly sure what kind of reaction to expect but I'm happy it was positive. Now it's time to get going with the next part of what would have been a massive post because let's be real. A three day music and art festival put into one post would just be too much to try and cram together. Anyways here we go with day two!

Click here for the full second day schedule. If you haven't read the day one post then you should.

The Temper Trap was fantastic to see live. I'm very disappointed in myself that I didn't get video but my friend did. We were right there next to Dougy singing and dancing while leaning over the barrier to interact with the crowd. It was great to have so much energy and interaction not only on the audience's part. I love when bands come into the crowd because that's something that rarely happens when at a concert but music festivals sort of have their own rules at times.

I left The Temper Trap early to go see Jess Glynne and let me tell you I don't regret it! She was super fun with her band on stage. She had high energy and was also very funny about doing things the way she wanted to. It's Vegas so of course it was hot outside and she was in an emerald green suit coat and dress pant ensemble. She made sure to point out that she was used to her winter weather in England and that she regretted wearing what she wore! She also called out for the stage hands to please get her and the rest of her band some water because it was so hot. The way the stage was set up put them directly in the sun. At the "end" of her set when she was told she couldn't do another song she had all ready started to introduce another one. Then she legitimately had an argument on stage with the stage manager saying something along the lines of, "Let me just do one more song. A few minutes over won't be the worst thing to happen. You can still set up for the next band easily. What are you going to do? Cut my mic?" After that question the stage manager did say something about cutting her mic and she laughed! Then she went on and performed on more song. In short, Jess was fantastic.

Next it was off to see The Naked and Famous! Their sound was so amazing. The vocals were what got me the most. They harmonized so well and that really just took them to the next level for me. As I said before I love when a band/artist can perform live and have the same sound you hear on the final product of an album. Alisa was also super adorable in continually saying "Thank you" after each song as if in shock that a mass of people had crowded the main stage to see them perform. Some of the people next to me were yelling back, "No! THANK YOU!" because let's be real we were all enjoying the show.

Now Oh Wonder did not have a large gathering at first near the stage, I know I was a bit early, but either way I had a great spot because everyone came to the stage later on. Now for Oh Wonder they were truly surprised. Let me tell you. Josephine and Andrew said multiple times how shocked they were to see so many people gathered around to listen to them. At one point they even said they only expected maybe ten people at most to come and see them perform! Honestly they sounded fantastic. The crowd as great to be around sometimes since some people got chatty during the quieter moments of songs. The music was enjoyable and hearing Josephine and Andrew's shock was humorous to everyone. Obviously they've now learned how well loved they are.

After that it was time to cut over for Empire of the Sun. Let me just say I don't think I have the appropriate words to describe their performance. I say performance because that's the best word I can think of. The visuals, the dancers, the displays, the sound, and the music were all fantastic. It was more than just someone singing as there was a lot going on, but not enough to overwhelm someone if that makes sense. Luke and Nick were fantastic to watch perform and the guitar smashing bit was entertaining to everyone there. It seemed like the guitar didn't even want to break but thankfully it did! At one point in the show a bunch of confetti and streamers flew from the stage and covered myself which made me think it was the end. That would have been surprising considering they were only 30 minutes into their set but after what happened with City and Color I wasn't sure what to expect. Thankfully there was more to the performance and it was all enjoyable.

J. Cole was up next but of course there was an hour of wait time so I hung around the same stage and had a good view for J. Cole. Now to be honest I don't know a lot of his music and if anything the audience was the most entertaining part, for me at least. There were a bunch of white guys headbanging around me and yelling all of his lyrics along with him. It was quite a sight to see. I guess I didn't expect to see that while in the audience. J. Cole had quite a few things to say before each song he performed but it was nothing too long or out of the ordinary.

I left J. Cole early to head over and see Bassnectar. That was well worth it although I do love Zhu more, sorry Bassnectar. The set was enjoyable nonetheless and I was able to end my night with a giant rave type dance party surrounded by other fans of great music. How is there anything to complain about when you have that?

So was there anyone from the lineup that you think I should have seen that I missed out on? Any artists you know or don't know about that were there that you would have liked to have seen? Give me some of your favorite songs so I can check them out! Let me know in the comments below!

*I paid for my own Life is Beautiful 3 Day GA Pass but hit me up LIB because I'd love to go again next year!*


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a truly fabulous and memorable time. You have went in to such profound description that I almost felt as if I was there with you. Sounds like you have created memories to last you a life time!

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    Charlene McElhinney

  2. Perfection!
    Gina ||