Saturday, October 8, 2016

Life is Beautiful Day 3 Review

It's finally time to review the last day at Life is Beautiful. Once again I'm glad that you're all enjoying my posts about this music festival. If you haven't read them yet here's Day 1 and Day 2. Maybe I will attend even more concerts and events to blog about them for all of you. Of course I'd be attending because I wanted to, not just for the blog. (: I know I've been a bit slow about posting each day but you know how it goes, life happens. Anyways let's get to it!

Click here to see the lineup for the day.

If I'm being completely honest I chose to show up a bit later on the last day of the festival only because the lineup earlier in the day consisted of a bunch of unknown artists for me. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of artists I didn't know much about before seeing them but at least I'd heard of them. So instead of getting there early I had a steak dinner with my dad, which worked in my favor because then I was full and didn't have any need to spend a lot of money on some food at the festival.

I made my way over to Ambassador Stage to meet up with my new found crew of friends and Nothing But Thieves was playing. I didn't exactly push my way up to get to the front for the band since the sun was still out and shining but from the distance I was at the sound wasn't that good. I imagine that is because of the way the speakers were set up so the sound was only good if you were up close near the stage so being in the back it was all muffled. That's slightly disappointing, especially for the band, because if you think about it people walking by might stop to listen if it sounded good.

After that it was times for Atlas Genius. I didn't know all of the songs they played but I really enjoyed their sound. They were quite funny at times too talking about the meaning of songs while obviously teasing each other and joking about what went into making the song. At one point they said for those who had traveled to Australia to cheer, I was one of the few who cheered, and then they mocked Australia for how poorly they are doing with advertising tourism. They compared Vegas to Australia by saying it was the same by being completely different.

Jimmy Eat World played next and let me just say it was fantastic! Talk about nostalgia! Their sound was still just the same and apparently they have a new album coming out! It seems a lot of bands have decided to make a comeback years later. Thanks for the inspiration Fall Out Boy! (: They of course played their older songs that everyone loved and the fans sang along. They even introduced a new song off of their upcoming album and although I didn't catch all the words it had a good sound. I'm going to have to check it out when it is released.

I had wanted to see Young the Giant but ended up going with Flume because honestly, how could I not? The show was absolutely spectacular. It's hard to put into words how great it was but I took a ton of video. There was a setup with black bars that lit up and made cube shapes that lit up and flowed along with the songs that were being played. Then the display screens were always showing something and my favorite was a giant beast looking creature. Again, it's hard to put it all into words but I loved Flume. The audience was great as well singing along to the songs and just enjoying everything.

Next it was time for The Lumineers and let me just say they made the most of their stage. They sounded amazing with their entire band up on stage performing and my friend said that the cello player they had with them was someone they found on Craigslist. They had put out an ad asking for someone to play cello and she came along! How cool is that? I'm sure she's very glad she responded to that request! Because I had just come from Flume I wasn't in the very front but in the middle of the show they suddenly came walking through the crowd and transitioned to a little stage that was set up a few people behind me. Suddenly I was front and center to watch them perform and it was fantastic. It was just the cello, bass, and the lead singer with his guitar. Talk about up close and personal. Also after Ho Hey they asked the audience to put away their phones so everyone could enjoy the performance and basically everyone did. (:

Once The Lumineers were over I made my way to finish up with Major Lazer. There were so many people at the main stage that I was pretty far back. There was a lot of crowd interaction going on with people throwing their shirts up in the air, hugging people, and other things of that nature. I guess if you have the microphone you have the power to tell people what to do. Then again maybe a bunch of people were faded so they were happy to go along with anything and everything. It was a fun finish but I did skip out a bit early before the finish because I had work in 5 hours.

That was the last day for Life is Beautiful and the festival was over. I'm still a bit sad that it's over because I enjoyed it so much. There's always next year though, right? So was there anyone from the lineup that you think I should have seen that I missed out on? Any artists you know or don't know about that were there that you would have liked to have seen? Give me some of your favorite songs so I can check them out! Let me know in the comments below!

*I paid for my own Life is Beautiful 3 Day GA Pass but hit me up LIB because I'd love to go again next year!*

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