Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bumble - Stroke Your What?

Yet another friend has decided to share one of the messages that she received and in all honesty it is quite disturbing. I mean, I know that there are plenty of people only using the dating apps in order to find hook ups and that's fine but wouldn't you want to make sure the person you've connected with is looking for a hook up as well? Either way Josh just shot himself in the foot and made a complete ass of himself. 

My friend is a rugby player and has played overseas and on national teams. She's amazing and super in shape so it makes sense that Josh decides to say that she has a nice body. Ok, that's fine and all but isn't there a better way to give a compliment than "nice tight body!" or am I just weird? Either way she took it as a compliment and thanked him but then he made it weird. You can't say that there needs to be a meet up then immediately go to talking about your cock. No one wants to read that as the second message from a total stranger. How the hell did this go straight to sexting with strangers? Do you think this is working for you Josh? If so you're an idiot.

She took it like a champ though when he made it weird saying that he was getting off on her pictures, which is disturbing. Is this what guys do when they see all pictures on profiles while swiping through dating apps? Has this become a new weird form of porn? She immediately said she didn't look like that anymore and was out of shape. Josh decided to show his true colors of being an absolute ass calling her names and acting like she shouldn't be on a dating app. As I'm sure you're obviously aware she dodged a bullet with this Josh guy but I honestly can't get over how much of an ass Josh was. I get people don't always look like their picture if they've gained/lost weight or something like that but it wasn't as if she was using pictures that weren't of herself. Josh only cares about how someone looks so he can kiss and lick all over their body, which is a goal I can only wish him luck in with his sorry disposition. I'm certain all the luck in the world wouldn't help him that much.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on Josh or am I right that he's an ass? Have you dealt with someone on a dating app like this who was a total weirdo? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. You're totally right, Josh is an ass! What an absolute scumbag!

    Rebecca, xo

  2. Umm, he's a total ass! What the hell is wrong with guys today? Do only assholes use dating apps??

  3. Always interesting to think about the person's energy. Wondering what shape Josh is in?

  4. No no, he's an ass! A definite ass!

  5. Three words: What a dick! Your friend dodged a bullet there!