Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tinder - Two Different Measurements?

It's always interesting to see the different types of people you come across while swiping on some of the dating apps. I mean, you'll have people who are obviously in love with the outdoors and others who enjoy the nightlife with what all it has to offer. Everyone has different interests and enjoys a variety of different things but I discovered that Broden may or may not actually want a boyfriend from swiping through Tinder. Also Broden may need to learn how to use a ruler to measure...

I find it amusing that Broden says he is a pretty good listener while being sensitive as fuck. I'm not sure about you but that isn't the first thing I want to read. It comes across that Broden wants women seeing his profile to think that he is a good listener and sensitive when the fact of the matter is likely quite the opposite. For some reason that rubs me the wrong way just because other people have to determine whether or not you're a good listener, not yourself. With being sensitive he can see himself as that all he likes but that isn't exactly intriguing or a turn on. I have no clue what he's sensitive about! His feelings? His ego? Cats? Who knows.

I am assuming that the comment about bowling is supposed to be for fun and suggest that there should be a bowling match but it means nothing to me. Do you need the bumpers up to achieve that score Broden or are you just trying to brag about something not that important? Broden is apparently an alcoholic because he used to drink a lot and still does drink a lot, which just sounds stupid with the way he phrased his sentence. I mean, honestly what was the point of that Broden? What were you trying to achieve? Just list your favorite drinks and call it good.

Next is the part where Broden makes me think that he is actually looking for a boyfriend. Why would you mention mudding, hunting, and working on a truck if not to say that you enjoy those things as well? I mean, there is nothing wrong with a girl who likes hunting, mudding, and working on her truck because she can easily find that enjoyable. I mean, I like hunting and mudding but alas I don't have a truck. I've worked on my dad's truck with him if that counts so apparently that means I too must find a boyfriend! Thanks for giving me such great insight as to who should enjoy certain things that are obviously only things a boy would do Broden!

Can anyone explain the two different measurements bit to me? He says he is 6' 3" but if those are two different measurements that means he is 6 feet tall and that something else is 3 inches. What could that something else be? One of his fingers?  His nose? His ear? I just don't know! However trying to brag about your size is pretty pointless if you're not looking for hookups don't you think? Wait! I've figured it out. Broden's actually a dick who is 6 feet tall and the 3 inches is the height of his brain! Now it's all coming together and making sense. Thanks for working that out with me readers.

Anyways it was easy to swipe left on Broden but let me know what you think in the comments below! Did I miss something or do you agree with my analysis of his profile? (:


  1. LOL wowwww! Well he lost me after the "as fuck" portion lol. This was quite amusing and I'd say your analysis was pretty accurate. But he did say he might be good at cuddling­čśŐ Lol.
    XX Jen

  2. Haha, oh the fun of dating apps. It's absolutely ridiculous what some people write into their bio. No matter if I'm looking for something serious or just a hookup, a certain standard has to be reached and this is just so unattractive. In general, if you need to brag about ANYTHING, it's just a no because truly great people or guys with a large penis do not have to brag. It's pathetic. Like I would put in my boob size. although I'm sure that some girls do that. Anyway, Broden should grow up and obviously figure out who he is and what he wants. What an idiot. :D

    xx Hailey - //

  3. I'm dying of laughter! Your analysis is so accurate.


  4. This is hilarious! I've never used Tinder, so I love seeing other people's horror stories and the ridiculous profiles that come up!

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium

  5. hahahahahaha I can't with the measurements comment!!!