Monday, June 5, 2017

Blue Apron Experience

I am in no way, shape, or form a chef. Ask anyone who knows me and they will recite my favorite recipe. One giant bowl, one bag of cereal, one spoon, and one gallon of milk. A bowl of cereal is all I need to tide me over. Two weeks ago I had a friend send me a link to try Blue Apron for the first time free! I decided to try it out, because why not? It was free and easy to cancel if I didn't like it. I thought it'd be fun to share with all of you my experience cooking with Blue Apron.

With Blue Apron you get a list of 6 recipes and you choose 3 that you would like to cook. After that you wait for your delivery day when a box with all the ingredients is delivered. The deliveries happen every week on a day of your choosing. It's really nice because you don't have to go shopping at the store. If anything just make sure you have olive oil, salt, and pepper handy for the recipes just to make life easier.

My first recipe was Tandoori-Style Chicken & Rice. All of the steps on the recipe were super easy to follow and there were even pictures! I am a visual and kinesthetic learner so having the pictures definitely helped me a bunch.

All seasoned up and ready to cook!

Summer Squash with rice and lemon.

As you can see I'm very fancy putting my meal on a paper plate. It was delicious though! Definitely my favorite meal of the three. What's nice too is that they do serving sizes of 2 or 4. I had enough for 2 servings so I ate one when it was finished and put the other in the fridge to have lunch the next day!

Next was Nashville-Style Hot Catfish. If I'm being honest I'm the type of person to eat anything so I was a bit excited to try the catfish. I wasn't sure how to feel about the slaw because I'm not adult enough yet to want to eat my fruits and veggies but I decided to have an open mind and make it so I could at least try it.

All the ingredients laid out and ready to go!

While I was making this one of my roommates literally stuck their nose over the pan of the catfish saying that it smelled so good! I was impressed myself. The catfish was super soft and pretty good. It's a different taste but I did eat it all so that's something. I actually loved the slow! The ingredients used to marinate it made it taste so delicious! Again I'm super fancy with my paper plate for my meal but it made it easy for clean up and I was able to put the other in the fridge to save for lunch the next day.

Finally I had Roasted Pork & Mustard Pan Sauce. I actually made this one with my mom because my dad was out of town and I thought I'd show off my culinary skills. I now consider myself a bit of a chef, so long as I have Blue Apron's help. (:

Fingerling potatoes are a thing that I never knew about and they are now my favorite, along with the asparagus!

Just letting the pork roast cook and season with all the juices.

My mom brought out the fine China for this fancy meal! I thought it was funny but she was more than happy to do so. She enjoyed cooking with me and agreed how easy it was and that she loved how the recipe said exactly what to do. The picture above was the one fancy setup we did while the other plate my mom quickly put together because she wanted it in the photo. As you can tell we're worried about appearances. This dish was delicious as well although the pieces of the pork roast didn't quite match up to how large they were on the recipe. It was still very good and I've discovered I like asparagus. 

I am loving my experience with Blue Apron and have another week worth of food recipes to try out! I enjoy the cooking part just because I get to pretend to know what I'm doing and it turns out nicely! I plan to keep it up and maybe I'll post more about my fancy meals here if you all like this.

If you're at all interested in trying Blue Apron let me know! I have a referral code that can get you a free box of three recipes for you to try! 

Shoot me a DM on Twitter and I'll gladly give it to you. (: For me it's easily worth the price, about $10 a meal. I would easily spend that much trying to get something nice like this while trying to eat at a restaurant, rather than going for fast food.

Please know I did this post without any endorsement or trade off from Blue Apron. All these opinions are my own. I just thought I'd share the fun with you.

Have any of you ever tried Blue Apron? What do you think? I sort of like not having to go to the store and try and find fresh ingredients. I like it being sent right to me along with the perfect recipe. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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