Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tinder - A Package Deal

It's become common to come across someone with an interesting set of pictures. Now when I say interesting I mean something different of course. I've had the nude photos, the partially nude photos, and even that guy with the kettle cooked dick but those are somewhat expected at this point sadly. However today on Tinder I came across a guy with a set of photos I can't even properly describe because they aren't nude photos but they aren't quite what you would expect on a profile for a dating app. Usually you want to put your best foot forward but this guy decided to do something different.

Do you see these photos? I mean, I honestly got a good laugh because of all of them. There isn't one that didn't make me smile. Talk about something unique. I can get behind that when it comes to one's profile and trying to stand out. I mean after a while a lot of the photos start to look the same. A guy in the club with his friends, a guy drinking with friends, and a guy posing with friends at an event. Honestly, it's all rather dull at this point. Show me something you enjoy doing and what you are all about. Kudos to you Mikey for doing something different.

Even though I found these photos hilarious I must admit that it is pretty strange. Of all the things for a person to do to be funny or unique this wasn't quite what one would expect. I mean, it's cute and funny when you first think about it but then you start to question how Mikey came up with such an idea of doing this. What made him think, "Hey, I'm going to do a bunch of pictures with a Kermit the Frog puppet for my dating profile and say we're a package deal"? I kind of want to know more but at the same time I don't.

Does this actually get Mikey any matches? Does anyone find this super attractive? I mean, maybe those who have fallen in love with the recent meme involving Kermit the Frog but I don't think that's enough to go off of for a relationship do you? Maybe he actually just really loves Kermit the Frog and is good at mimicking his voice so it's fitting that he has it. 

For more than half of these photos you know he didn't take a selfie so which friend did he rope into doing it? What friend was down with this plan in the first place and thought it was brilliant? Or maybe he had his mom or dad take it because they would only be confused by it and asking questions was pointless? Either way I need to know more but I also need to not deal with such nonsense. I don't have time for that. What do you all think? Am I looking too far into it or is it enough to be a little concerned? Let me know in the comments below. (:


  1. He looks like my kind of guy haha! I don't use these apps but it seems the profile pics are all the same! It's refreshing to see a funny guy!

    Sian x

  2. Such an interesting post! I've never used any dating apps or anything so it's good to see little snippets in to this world of online dating! I totally get what you're saying about the same pictures of guys drinking and posing with their mates - must be a breathe of fresh air when you stumble across someone with a bit of personality!

    Fab concept for a post!

    Charlene McElhinney

  3. Oh wow, this definitely does make a change from the typical nude photos! Seems like this guy is a laugh!

  4. I'd definetely want to match with him - I think this pure comical gold and just fab! X

  5. Hahaha oh man! I had a friend who would take his Yoshi plushy everywhere and do similar pictures. Yoshi now has his own Instagram. Too bad I don't know what it is lol. You find such interesting characters on the internet. I think you should just ask him how he and Kermit met =')

    The Crimson Cardigan

  6. Aww those photos he took are so cute and funny! I think by doing something different, he might get more matches maybe? Haha. I would totally ask him the inspo behind his photos x

  7. I just think this is hilarious! He seems like a laugh, he would have amazing banter ahaha!! I would of totally swiped right aahaha!!

  8. Shows he's up for a laugh I suppose and has a sense of humour 🙈😂

    Tasha x

  9. Those pictures were hilarious haha. I love a man with a personality! Although I always worry this means they are to jokey and aren't actually looking for anything serious. I guess it depends on what you are looking for yourself though, as everyone is different!

    Brilliant post, I loved it.


  10. Hahaha I love this! I'd definitely swipe right for this guy just to ask about his photo shoots, he looks like a real laugh! If you match with him and get chatting, I'd love to hear more about him! Maybe you'll get to double date with Kermit and Miss Piggy?!

    Abbey 😘

  11. I've got to admit, I did find this really funny!
    Would love to know who he roped in and what the friends opinion is on it!
    Kerry || ||

  12. I think these are absolutely hilarious! Definitely makes him stand out and even though it may be a little weird it does break the monotony of the usual profile pictures!
    Amy xx

  13. This really made me giggle! Love that you have a tinder series, I'm totally following you on twitter so I can keep up to date on these, they're so entertaining. And I am also quite creeped out at who took the shower photo for him and Kermit 😂
    Lots of love Izzy |

  14. This is hilarious. I can't imagine meeting with a person like Mikey. He might be someone that's fun and probably take his Kermit out on his first date. x

  15. I bet he gets a lot of matches, he's cute and pictures proves he has a sense of humour. xxxxxxx