Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tinder - Love Eating

I need to know how it is decided by guys what they want to share on their dating app profile. Is there something in their brain that prevents some of them from understanding what is and isn't appropriate to share? I mean, I get that some guys want to share things to be up front and make sure that there aren't any hidden secrets immediately like Ricky. However, there seems to be a trend in guys not understanding there are some things to be shared later. This weeks post is brought to you by Sarah who joins me in suffering from dumb profiles on Tinder. Let's meet the man who loves eating.

This is all that Tyler decided to share. He didn't even use a full sentence! There are only two pictures of him! What am I supposed to take from all of this? I mean, I think we can all tell that Tyler is only looking for a hookup. He can't even put into a sentence that it is what he wants though. Somehow he thinks admitting that he "loves eating ass and pussy" is going to get him exactly what he wants. I just can't with this guy. 

I mean, I know that everyone has different preferences in appearance but I can't even imagine swiping right on Tyler even if he was attractive to me with this kind of profile. Not even for a hookup. It just wouldn't be worth it. I get that everyone on the different dating apps aren't necessarily looking for love but even for a hookup do guys just expect girls to have low expectations for what they see?

As Sarah said a profile like this makes me just want to hop off the dating apps for a bit because seeing this so often just gets old. The point of using a dating app is actually finding someone, not finding a bunch of people you'd rather not deal with. I may be a dating blogger so finding these kind of profiles gives me something to post and share with all of you but it's been a year now and I've only had a handful of successful matches that actually led to a date. I guess I'm going to lose hope in all men eventually.

I have to ask if any of you find this sort of profile attractive. Imagine if this guy was your dream type and you saw his makeshift attempt at a sentence, would you swipe right and match with him to have a conversation? Or would it be as much of a turn off for you as it is for me? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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