Saturday, June 3, 2017

Tinder - I'am in Pain

This post comes from Sarah who I can't thank her enough for both burning my eyes and enlightening me to some guys stupidity. As we all know grammar and spelling are important when both writing a dating app profile or sending messages. It shouldn't be too hard but apparently it is. Today we have Jon who has gone far too long without knowing very much.

How has this man named Jon gone his entire 28 years of life thinking that I'am is the appropriate conjugation of I am? It is I'm. I'M. I know kids in first or second grade who know how to conjugate it correctly! What level of education have you finished Jon? Did you only attend kindergarten? I just don't get it. I mean, his y'all makes total sense and I can understand that but I'am is not something I can let go. It seriously is hurting my brain right now to think about it.

I don't even want to read more than that first line since I'm all ready turned off. However, I will continue on through this struggle to let you know more. He's new her. Where is her? I just don't know. He's an entrepreneur which is fine. I'd want to know more about what he's working in though. What is he trying to make it big in? The I'am strikes a second time for saying he's a super laid back kind of person. I need to know how laid back someone is, which is easier to tell when you meet someone in person rather than online.

He mentions driving his truck for his company but what is that company? Is he delivering items? Is he an Uber/Lyft driver? Does he drive for PostMates? I mean, I just don't know. He says it's for his own company but you kind of are your own boss when you're driving for one of the apps aren't you? Choosing your work hours and doing what you want.

There we go. The I'am again for a third time. He's a volunteer firefighter. I'm not quite sure what the qualifications are for that but I can't imagine it keeps him extremely busy unless there's a bunch of wildfires going on at one time. It's cool that he's a volunteer though helping to serve the community when his services are needed.

He's also the kind of person who doesn't really know proper grammar. That isn't surprising considering he doesn't know how to conjugate I am. If he's going to stop at nothing to get what he wants he may need to look into attending and English class to learn some proper grammar along with spelling.

What do you all think about Jon? Can you believe that he spells I'am in his sentences not only once but three times! It's crazy.

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