Tuesday, February 7, 2017

OkCupid - RudeDude Meetup

Well for those of you who follow me on Twitter you know that I was recently contacted by a guy with the username RudeDude and the conversation was short but he ended up asking if I wanted to meet up. I left it up to a twitter poll of either "Yes do it for the story!" or "No he's obviously rude" and that actually ended in a tie. I was a bit surprised by that but it gave me a good laugh. So then the final vote was left up to my best friend and she voted for me to meet up with him. Let's go over what happened at my Thai food lunch date with RudeDude.

RudeDude actually hadn't given his name in the chat and hadn't even asked for mine, which was kind of surprising because my username on that doesn't have my name in it whatsoever. Either way I was on my way to the Thai restaurant when I got a message from him on OkCupid saying that he had arrived and he asked if he should grab us a table. Mind you he was ten minutes early to the place and I was still stuck in traffic so I told him to go ahead and grab a table. I didn't know if the place was going to be super busy and didn't want to arrive only to have to wait around even more.

When I arrived at the Thai restaurant I looked around but didn't see a guy seated by himself. I walked up to the server at the front table and she asked, "Oh! Are you here looking for the gentleman?" I just smiled and said, "Yes, I am." She pointed over to the next room and told me he was in there. I entered the room but all I saw were a bunch of families so I became super confused. Turns out RudeDude was to my right with his head down and he was looking as his phone.

"RudeDude?" I questioned as I looked at him, because I didn't know his name so what else was I supposed to call him? I don't think "Random Guy From OkCupid" would have gone over very well. RudeDude looked up and said, "Oh, hey!" and so we kind of met. He put away his phone as I sat down and I ended up being the one to ask, "Hey, so what's your name?" He told me it was Rick and then there was silence. I mean total silence, He didn't ask my name, which I found super weird. I mean, when you meet someone you ask their name right? Or was he going to call me by my username for the entirety of our lunch? Who knows right?

After waiting for a bit I finally said, "I'm Marie, it's nice to meet you." Rick just smiled and nodded at that. I became so confused because why was Rick acting like this? I mean, sure we hadn't conversed much on the OkCupid app but I didn't think that would mean he wouldn't talk to me at all in person! Well it was then that I noticed he was shaking. Like, his hands were physically shaking so it became obvious that Rick was nervous! I mean, I know it can be nervous meeting up with someone for the first time because everyone gets those jitters but that helped connect the dots for why he wasn't very chatty. He was so nervous and was probably doing his best to just sit there and pay attention.

We ordered our lunch after looking at the menu and making small talk. Rick is new to Vegas and just moved from California. He works out on the Air Force Base in intelligence which means he can't talk a whole lot about work, which is fine. I get how that goes because I have some family friends who work for the government and they can't say a word about it. One jokes that they work for McDonald's tending the cows because why not?

Rick slowly started to regain his composure and stopped shaking so the nerves were going away. We talked about what we did for work a bit more before telling fun traveling stories. He hasn't been out of the country yet even though he was in the military but he wants to travel the Europe and head to a lot of different places all over the world. He's been around to a few places in the U.S. on road trips and such so those were fun stories to hear.

I'm just glad that he was able to hold a conversation and keep eye contact with me while talking. The conversation just rolled from one topic to the next one which made things easy. Don't get me wrong there were some lulls but we were able to bounce back and keep it going. It wasn't like there weren't any stories to talk about or share.

Somehow two hours passed by and we finally had finished eating and the conversation was slowing a bit due to the fact that we had been there so long. Rick paid for the meal and we made our way outside. I wasn't quite sure if he would want a hug, considering a lot of the guys I've met up with before were all about getting a hug as if that was some sort of accomplishment, but he just sort of stood there outside for a moment. I then wondered if he was going to ask for a number but that didn't seem to be happening either.

Whether or not he wanted my number was up to him of course because I wasn't going to ask for his. Call me old fashioned but that's just how I am. I feel like the guy needs to make the first move for that sort of thing. So I figured he just wasn't interested and I had thanked him for the meal so there wasn't much more that needed to be said. Before I could walk away though Rick finally asked if we could exchange numbers and we did just that. He mentioned hiking and I said Red Rock was a great place to go. I told him to text me if he'd be interested in going sometime and we left it at that.

Now it's time for the waiting game of if he'll actually text me and from there will he want to do something or just become a ghost. I'll keep you all posted either way so don't worry. What do you all think?

A funny little side note about this meetup is that I told my best friend where I was going to be because why wouldn't I do that? Meeting strangers from the internet is dangerous! She texted me during the lunch but my phone was in my purse so I didn't know I had a text nor did I have the chance to text her back. It was only after I got in my car that I texted her back saying I was alive and well but what's funny is she was legit all ready on her way to the Thai place ready to come busting through the doors to save me and figure out what was wrong. True friendship, right? (:


  1. That's pretty weird guy even for my liking. How did it go after the meal? Have he texted you or buy you some coffee later on?

    I can't wait to read another blog post about this rudedude guy. Being nosy a bit but tons of curiosity is building up.

    Take care. x


  2. That actually doesn't sound like such a bad date. As long as there is conversation and it doesn't get boring, it's good. And hellooooo Thai food. Even a crappy date would be ok for that. :D I find it interesting that he was sooo nervous because that and "rude dude" doesn't really work. I'm curious to see if he texts you, you old-fashioned lady. Haha. I say if you like him, totally text him but that decision everyone has to make for themselves. Hiking sure sounds like a good kind of date though. Glad he didn't turn out to be super rude. He actually sounds like a decent guy with some old-fashioned values himself. :)

    xx Hailey - www.haileyjaderyan.com // www.instagram.com/haileyjaderyan

  3. It doesn't sound like the date went too bad, a bit awkward at first, but probably down to the nerves! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I hope you go on more dates because I really enjoyed reading this haha!

    Lots of love
    Charlene McElhinney

  4. Aww I think it's actually cute that Rick is nervous and shy. It shows that he's sincere about getting to know you. This date reminds me of my first date with my bf! He was really shy too and he didn't talk much. It wasn't the best first date, and since I saw how shy he was I made the first moves in everything! That's how we got to end up being where we are right now :) I hope Rick texts you soon! I'm really excited to know what happens next haha.

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

  5. Aww bless him, is probably be nervous too, I hope everything is going well you'll have to let us know what went on after

    Tasha x


  6. Aw bless him being so nervous! I would have thought from his funny username that he would be a confident cocky guy! Keep us updated!
    Amy xx

  7. At least the date didn't sound like it went bad, hopefully he will ask you for your number soon, keep us posted xxxx

  8. I love all your men stories, they are me laugh!!! What a little shame at how nervous he was!!! Let us know how you get on xx

  9. Aww sounds like it went well, I think its good if a guy is a bit nervous proves they care what you think. So many times I have heard about a guy being too full on so perhaps he didn't want to be too full on because he likes you. Cant wait to read what happens next!! xxxxxx


  10. Aw I'm glad the date got better, first dates can be nerve wracking! Looking forward to hearing what happens next!

  11. It doesn't sound like a bad date and atleast it got better - I'm always so nervous on first days so I really empathise! I'd love to know what happens next and if he gets back in contact with you for another date x

  12. Aww poor guy. I find it kind of endearing when guys are shy and nervous. Don't get me wrong there's a difference between shy and creepy, but he was nervous to be out on a date. That's adorable. I give him props. If I was shaking that bad for anything, I'd book it real quick. Can't wait for updates! Your best friend is also a total keeper! Love that!

    The Crimson Cardigan

  13. Aw, your friend's reaction to you taking ages to reply was just adorable, what an absolute sweetheart! Even if this guy turns out to be a no-go, at least you have fab friends like that to rely on! Looking forward to future updates on Rick, let's hope he gets over his nerves and you get to know him better!

    Abbey 😘 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  14. I'm glad that the date got better! I always tell my friend that I'm going on a date just in case! Fingers crossed that things go well with Rick!

    Sian x

  15. Does he know your name yet?

    I am glad your friend knew where you was and was ready to come pouncing in haha. I had my mom on standby when I first met my boyfriend, always better to be cautious.

    Steph xx

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