Saturday, September 9, 2017

OkCupid - Take It Back

Some people make a total u-turn in their conversations. I mean, they say one thing and then back track and try to say something else. It's different if someone changes their mind or opinion about something. That happens all the time as people learn and grow. For a guy to send the first message, be rejected, and then suddenly act like the girl is the problem is just sad. Today we have Sarah to thank for this but maybe there is some redemption for the guy.

In short this guy messaged Sarah and she found him to be not exactly what she was looking for. She was straight forward and honest with the guy by telling this to him and wishing him luck for finding what he wanted on the dating apps. Instead he tries to say that she is going to need the luck, as if he didn’t start messaging her first. Seriously, profiles are important because they’re a great insight into how some people are. It also helps with giving you an idea about the person before they start messaging you. We’ve seen what some guys have on their profile that makes them an immediate turn off and not worth an actual conversation.

I think Sarah handled the situation with class. She called him out for trying to act like he was never interested in the first place but still wished for him to have fun on the app. I think I would have said something along the same lines and added that I didn’t need any luck. The conversation should have just ended after that but it didn’t. Instead the guy had to message again. If it was truly obvious that Sarah was a mean and bitter person then he wouldn’t have messaged her in the first place. I doubt he’s looking for someone like that. 

Of course after seeing that message I was ready to have Sarah’s back and tell this guy he was being a creep who just couldn’t handle rejection. It seems that he realized the error of his ways and sent another message. He apologized and took it back. He said he was going to go away and told her to take care. That was not the sort of follow up message I was expecting from him. If anything I thought he would go off more about her looks or some other drag that he could pull out of thin air that meant nothing.

If I’m being honest I am pleasantly surprised with the way this turned around. I mean, sure it sounds like his mom saw the message he sent and grabbed him by the ear for it. His mom may have told him he better apologize and leave poor Sarah alone but I’ll take that. If his mother didn’t have to coach him through it with a response like this then I give him more kudos. Just move on and don’t be petty. It isn’t worth it. Wait, do you think his mom actually saw his messages and told him to straighten up and fix things? Now that would be hilarious. I can picture it now.

I honestly think this is the first time I've seen a guy apologize after being rude to a girl for rejecting him on a dating app. I've seen so many rude comments after a rejection after the heaps of praise in the beginning of the conversation that it's mind boggling. I think some boys might suffer from short term memory loss if I'm being quite honest.

Have any of you ever experienced a guy do a total 180 and change his mind about you because you weren't interested? If so how did it go? If not how do you feel about this guy's change of heart? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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