Saturday, September 23, 2017

Plenty of Fish - Baby In You

Now if I'm being honest I haven't used Plenty of Fish. I suppose I should download it at some point just to give it a shot and a review but maybe later. I assume it is similar to most of the other apps I've used, which means same nonsense but a different name. Today we have a conversation that makes me once again question what goes on in a man's head. This guy thought he was being smart but Ginger shows us that men suck.

We're going to call this guy Sebastian just to make things easier. It was nice of Sebastian to give a compliment saying that he was trying to find a flaw in Ginger but he couldn’t because she seemed perfect. The problem with that of course is the fact that they’ve never met in person. It’s so easy to act one way when messaging on an app and another way in person. Let’s be honest, plenty of people use technology as a disguise of sorts to either exemplify a good or a bad version of themselves. The dating apps are no different. Let’s say it was just the nicest thing he could say, well the next bit is concerning.

Are there honestly men who are going around on dating apps telling women that they would like to have a baby with them? Do they think this is a compliment? Do they think that this is everyone woman’s desire or dream message to receive? I don’t care if a woman says that she would like to have children in the future this isn’t the place to make such a statement. You need to actually get to know the person before making such a comment. It’s no wonder that no one has taken Sebastian up on this offer.

Honestly if I had a guy say that he would like to have a baby with me I would either just stop messaging him or tell him something along the lines of, “Oh, that’s nice. Pretty sure I don’t want to have kids with you.” I mean, what about this do guys think is appealing? Surely there is a site or a place on the internet to find someone who does in fact want a stranger to have a baby with them but the dating apps like Plenty of Fish isn’t the place to do it.

Ginger hit the nail on the head by stating that Sebastian’s offer wasn’t something making her weak in the knees. Especially if he has said that to many other women. Is Sebastian just desperate for anyone to take him up on the offer that he gives it to anyone who messages him back? That’s just sad. Ginger also calls him out for not having many pictures, which would be a concern because come on now there was to be something attractive about the person you have a child with.

Sebastian’s “honesty” doesn’t mean anything because it is weird. There are some thoughts you should keep to yourself until the appropriate time. A guy responding positively to someone who says that they want kids would be to say that they support the decision or that they want kids as well. Immediately saying that they want to have a baby with them is not the appropriate response. Woman do want to get what they want, but they certainly don’t want to get it from a weirdo who doesn’t seem to have a brain.

Ginger’s response is spot on. She wants to have a kid with someone she loves, not just for the sake of having a kid. Isn’t that the purpose of the dating apps? Not necessarily to have kids but to find someone you love and connect with. From there it’s up to the couple to decide what they want. 

What do you all think of Sebastian? What would you response have been to a guy saying that they want to have a baby with you, even though they've offered that to other women all ready? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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