Saturday, September 2, 2017

Tinder - Tetris Grocery Shopping

I think it may have finally happened. I was seriously abut give up all hope that I would get a decent first message on Tinder. It's rare enough that I get an actual match with someone who doesn't just ghost me. I feel like I might be accidentally hyping up this first message a little too much but it's just so easy and simple. I don't get why people aren't able to say something similar to this. It's truly not that hard and the little things make a difference. I think I actually might meet up with this guy because we're having an actual conversation after his conversation starter. I'll keep you all posted of course but let's get to it.

Kurt truly deserves an award for this. It's something so simple. I hope you are all seeing this! It's just a simple reference to being tall and is kind of funny. Please take note that this did not take a lot to say. Instead of guys sending a nasty first message that doesn't pertain to anything a girl is looking for they should instead do this. Just something simple to get the conversation started. I realize that I keep saying simple but it's so true. There is nothing complex about this. At least I don't think it's complex but if you have trouble with this then there is no hope for you.

The fact that Kurt was able to keep up with me and talk about Tetris being a skill made it more fun to talk with him. He has a sense of humor and can keep up with my wit. The gif that he sent was a bunch of boxes painted and stacked to look like Tetris with a human going off the ledge trying to fall into the right place. The person failed and knocked over all the rest of the pieces but it was funny nonetheless. Why can't every conversation be this easy? There's no reason or need to overthink things. 

I must say that the reason I took so long to reply back to his gif is because I had to get to sleep. I had work in the morning so of course I just set the phone aside and was out like a light. I would have said good night or I had to go but that's how tired I was. I didn't even think of doing that. Now I'm curious if any of you have experienced someone who had a simple yet effective conversation starter that wasn't completely disgusting. Let me know in the comments below!

UPDATE: As of posting this we are possibly meeting up this week. Stay tuned.

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