Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 Year In Review

Well I realize that it is all ready the new year but I figured I could do a review post like I did last year. It's wild to think that this blog is still alive and well. It's not going to be anything fancy but I figured I'd just give a fun update like I did last year. I know I was gone for three months once more this summer and dates were few and far between but there were plenty of interesting and funny conversations.

Biggest Accomplishments:
Hit 50,000+ page views for the entire 2018 year.

Top Countries Visiting the Blog:
United States, Ukraine, France, Russian, U.K., Ireland, Germany, Australia, Poland, Canada, Turkey, Unknown Location (WHERE ARE YOU!?)

Top Posts:

Sinister Past Life - Anthony said he was paying of the debts of a sinister past life. That certainly grabbed my attention and apparently it grabbed all of yours as well!

Hiking Hualapai Mountains - I was kidnapped by friends for this hike and I truly loved it. You all clearly enjoyed it as well so expect more hiking/nature posts in this new year.

Nudes Sir? - I think this post just proved how stupid some people are. Expecting manners when they're belittling someone is ridiculous.

Sniffr - I honestly loved this one just because of the puppy picture. I forgot all about my list of reasons for why matching with puppies would be far better. I need to develop this app asap!

Practice Making Children - I'm so glad we could all recognize when someone was being a piece of shit and you all agreed with my lovely response to this guy. Why people are like this I may never know.

Well this year Tinder gave me two of my top posts while nature and just being in the real world gave me the other two. I appreciate all the idiots who send me messages that become my writing material. I wouldn't have this blog without you.

Thank you to all of the readers of this blog. I honestly don't think I'd keep up with it if I didn't know you were clicking and reading so I appreciate it. Hopefully this year brings more dates and even more things to blog about. I still haven't gotten my shit together to blog about travel but you know, baby steps. (:

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