Saturday, January 5, 2019

The League - Mr F Part 2

If you didn't read the previous post you will be a little lost so I suggest you read that first. If you want to jump in head first then go for it I guess. It's not like I can stop you. Either way here's the update on what all has gone down with Mr. F since the first two dates. I only took so long to type it up thanks to the holidays and going out of town.

So quick recap of where we last left off, Mr. F had said we should go to dinner and a movie the next time we got together. Simple enough since we had similar taste in movies. I had even offered to plan a hike, since he hadn't really gone on one here in Vegas so that was going to be super easy on my end.

I texted him to confirm our plans of going to a movie on Sunday and told him that he could pick any movie he wanted. I was busy at a work holiday party so he said that would be easy enough since he would have plenty of time to choose. We had each other on Instagram so I know he was following all my fun shenanigans at my work Christmas party thanks to the stories feature. Anyway, he then texts me asking if we're still going to a movie and I told him I was planning on it, he just hadn't picked a movie yet. He just replied "Ok, sounds good." Finally I ask if the movie is going to be a surprise and he says that any movie is fine since he doesn't have a preference. That left it up to me so I asked about a few to see if he was interested in any of them.

Jump to the next day (Sunday) and no text from him. Keep in mind this is the day we're supposed to go and see a movie. I send another message to check in and I get no response for THREE HOURS! He finally texts back saying he doesn't feel like seeing a movie. I'm of course more than slightly annoyed because that would have been nice to know three hours ago. I could have gone to the movies by myself and enjoyed it. Goodness. Not that I really waited around for him anyway but still, a nuisance. I was polite and asked if he was feeling all right and he said he just felt like having a lazy weekend.

On Monday I get a good morning text and we talk about work being boring and overrated. Only a few texts exchanged and that was it. I texted him on Tuesday, since Mr. F had legitimately send a good morning text every day so I was thrown off. I mentioned that a lot of my coworkers were sick with the plague and asked about his fast. I saw on his IG story he did some fast for a diet so that's why I asked about it. Mr. F said he survived but that it was tough. Now, I figured I could let the weekend go, give him another chance right? Like ok, it was a dick move to not text me back for three hours when we were supposed to have plans but one more chance.

I then questioned if his diet was too strict to go to one of the restaurants he suggested going to. He replied, "I can loosen up for the occasion with you." So clearly he's still interested in me, right? So I ask when he's free and what works best. We plan for Saturday or Sunday but he tells me that he has a big project he's working on so he would let me know later what day worked best. He even said, "I don't want to commit and flake like last time." Now that's a good sign, he realizes the error of his ways. Or so I thought. I tell him that Saturday or Sunday would be fine and to just let me know.

I don't hear from Mr. F. for more than a week! He sends a "Hey, how was ur day?" text after 8 days. Now, I probably was not a very good sport because I replied back with a ghost emoji before saying it was all right and asking about his day. After that I didn't get a text back from him. So of course I decide it's time to move on. He's just wasting my time. I unfollowed him on IG and he returned the favor after a day.

I can't say I'm really sorry about it since it really isn't that hard to send a text, at least not in my opinion. I wasn't trying to seem like the "crazy girl" who constantly texts or expects updates but if you can't send a "Hey, I can't go out this weekend I'm so sorry" then what's the point? Honestly, I get that things happen. So instead of just going a week without texting me give me a heads up or an explanation. "Work totally took over and I haven't slept." isn't that hard, is it? I suppose my expectations are just too high to have someone who will actually communicate with me.

Another thing I really hate is that I did let my hopes get up. Mr. F totally hyped up all the awesome things we could do together only to let me down. If I had started making future plans about things we could do I would have seemed a bit out of my mind or too eager to take control of the start of a relationship. Either way, Mr. F is long gone as far as I'm concerned since I haven't heard from him in two weeks and I've deleted him from my phone. We'll see what else The League holds for me. What do you all think of Mr. F? Was I in the wrong or should I have just been waiting around, bored out of my skull, hoping for him to finally tell me what we should do?

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