Saturday, June 4, 2016

OkCupid - Coach Deja Vu

I know that some of these guys are getting repetitive, trust me I'm the one attempting to be polite and trying to have an actual conversation with them, but this guy is just screaming deja vu at me and I can't quite figure out why. I guess we just might need to know a bit more about him.

There are plenty of sports tournaments here in Vegas, this is nothing new. We have all the casinos to put the teams in and plenty to do if they end up getting knocked out of the tournament early or they need something to do in order to kill time. Now I'm a bit terrible and immediately thought, "You're a coach? Are you even tall?" because remember height is important to me. Then I had the thought about whether or not this older guy is a washed up college player himself, or maybe even washed up high school player. You never know these days with some coaches.

To be honest depending on the team he actually coaches if the guys were around my age I'd probably be more interested in them than him. It's the truth. I'm a little turned off by him saying that he has no expectations save for a nice time and maybe a hug. That isn't that funny. I'm not much of a touchy feely person so getting a hug from me is an achievement in your life. No joke. I didn't even hug my high school best friend of 15 years after we graduated and were heading off to different colleges because I didn't feel the need to do so.

Wait! I think I've figured it out. I've had this Sam guy message me before with this exact same message but on a different app! OMG. Did he think I would have forgotten about him? Or maybe he thought that I would admire his persistence. Who knows. Then again it's kind of sketchy that he keeps using the same reasoning for being here in Vegas. I mean, yes there are a lot of basketball tournaments but he shouldn't have to keep coming here from California to attend them all. That just doesn't seem right.

Does this seem a bit funny and strange to any of you? I don't plan to message him back as I have no intention of meeting up with him but what do you think? What would you do if you were me? Do you think this is his usual pickup line like I do?


  1. It seems like a usual pick up line to me and slightly cringey to mention no expectations xo

    Emily |

  2. This is definitely a bit strange and I do agree, he is very persistent LOL! Great post darling.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram: @missdsquared413

  3. Lol that actually happens to me all the time. Recently I was having a conversation with a guy on both Tinder and Bumble...


  4. Hahah weird?! Internet people scare me x

    Tamz |

  5. The Internet can be a crazy place! Grea tpost girlie.

    XO, Jessi