Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reasons Why I'm the Best Best Friend

For those of you who don't know today is National Best Friends Day, which is something we should all celebrate. I mean, who are you always able to turn to in your time of need? That's right, a best friend. I mean, we're talking Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope level of best friend. Either way be sure to get with your best friend and treat yo'self with delicious food and something fun. I was going to write this about why my own personal best friends are the best but then I thought it'd be more fun to ask my best friends to send me reasons why I'm the best best friend that they have. The things they remember and the stories made me laugh so I'll share them with you.


Remember in college when we were living with 6 girls total and that meant the bathroom was always disgusting, especially when it was that time of month? Well I had just gotten engaged and of course wore my wedding ring religiously. I didn't even want to take it off when I went to bed! Anyways my fiance was coming over and I thought to take a quick shower before we were to go out. That was the first time I took off the ring (I was that in love/worried) and after I got out of the shower I put on my towel. Of course with my luck I ended up knocking my ring off of the sink and into the trash bag! We had one of those huge brown paper bags from Winco and it was full of period items. When I say full it was practically overflowing. You knocked on the door as I was staring in horror at the trash where my ring had just disappeared. You informed me that my fiance was waiting for me and I immediately opened the door and dragged you into the bathroom. 

It was funny because you were so startled and confused by what I was doing but of course there wasn't any time to laugh. I told you that my ring fell into the trash can, which you stared at in horror just as I had moments before, and then I asked you to do the ultimate favor. I had to quickly get dressed because my fiance knew it didn't take long for me to get ready but he would of course notice that the ring was missing. I asked you to search for the ring while I stalled him. Needless to say you stared at me in disbelief for a moment before nodding and slowly moving towards the trash. I swear it only took you two minutes to find the ring so by the time I was walking past the bathroom to see my fiance you had the ring in hand for me to take. Nothing says best friends like digging through period trash right?

Oh man. I remember this. It was terrible. Of course I mean the part about digging through the trash because there was so many gross items in there. I didn't want to get that up close and personal with the other roommates (mostly because we didn't get along) but alas, the things I do for a best friend. I felt like I took ages to find the ring as I tried to search through the trash since I didn't want to just dump it all out and make a bigger mess and I hoped that it was somewhere close to the top. It turned out to be right around in the middle level of all the garbage though. Needless to say I still sometimes make fun of Jodie and bring up my dedication to her for finding her ring.


I was gone for 18 months to South America and while I was a terrible letter writer you did your best to at least send me a few letters every now and then. It was nice to have a little reminder of home since I didn't have access to any technology other than the occasional land line to phone my mom. When I got home it was a bit weird adjusting just because everything was so different from what I was used to. My parents had moved while I was away so when I came back I was in a new city surrounded by strangers I didn't know. A homecoming party was expected but I didn't know anyone except for my family so I figured it would just be like a regular family get together with a lot of introductions. The date was set for a week after I had arrived home but I focused more on adjusting back to America. The night before the party I was grabbing some tea in the kitchen and my mom had gone to answer the door. I thought it was one of the neighbors wanting to play with one of my sisters. Instead I heard you yell my name and I turned to you in disbelief. I was so excited I just started crying because I didn't know what else to do! You weren't even in the same city I was in and I certainly wasn't expecting to see you at this random get together that I hadn't been able to tell anyone about. I rushed over to you and gave you a big hug and then we went for some delicious In n Out.

I will never forget the look on both Ava's face and her mother's face. I hadn't seen Ava's mother since Ava left for South America so she didn't recognize me and was a bit confused when I asked whether or not Ava was home. She thought I was just some strange girl who turned up on her door step. Then Ava's face was complete and total shock. I was actually so confused by the tears when she started crying because I didn't realize they were happy tears. I thought I'd actually done something wrong! At this time Ava was living a little more than 6 hours away from where I live and to get to her in time I had to leave work a bit early and stick to the road on a Friday. I only knew her new address because of another friend who keeps tabs on everyone's location (it's her thing ok?) and somehow knew about the party but it all worked out for a fun weekend.


You have a sixth sense man. I don't know what else to call it but you always know when something is up. I mean, I'll log in on Skype invisible yet somehow you know I'm online and shoot me a message. Then we just start talking about all kinds of random and fun things before getting to the point of what's wrong and I just always feel better after talking about things with you. I no longer feel as crazy just because no one else around me seems to understand. You've been the one to stop me from killing myself multiple times, which you probably didn't know, but you should know. You're the best.

I didn't expect this from Lyssa because I just thought it was funny to tease her about being awake on Skype when she should be in bed asleep. I'm glad to be someone who she can talk to about anything because she's stuck in a small town with a bunch of weirdos who would definitely drive me a bit crazy so needless to say sane friends should stick together. I don't know what to say that doesn't sound like a brag but you need to stick around for a good long time Lyssa, we have a lot to do! (:


We were stuck up at school during the winter semester with a dull math class together. As soon as I mentioned going snowboarding you immediately started asking questions. When I offered to take you and teach you it was obvious that you were excited. We got to the mountain pretty early so there weren't too many people there and it gave us more time to get you all geared up. You had a little trouble figuring out your balance with one foot clicked into the board while the other had to propel yourself forward but we made it to the ski lift. I told you that we could both get on together and you responded that we should get on individually. Being the expert that I was I chose to ignore you and moved along with you to get ready to sit on the seat. 

I only remember starting to sit down, moving forward a bit, and then suddenly having a face full of snow. The employee had to stop the entire ski lift and as I brushed off snow from my face I saw you sitting in the seat hovering further up above me. The employee asked if I was all right before reminding me that you were supposed to be the newbie and not myself. Apparently he had overheard our conversation. You weren't too sure how to react as I noticed your look of confusion and once I started laughing you joined in. We had a great day of snowboarding and you learned quickly. After that you've tagged along with me for most all of my outdoor adventures, even the stupid ones, and for that I'm grateful.

I was mortified that Cory had fallen off while I had stayed on the ski lift! I mean, I had warned him that we should each go on our own chair since the lift wasn't a huge one and he chose not to listen but I still felt bad. It's both weird and hard to balance a snowboard for the first time on a ski lift all right? Thankfully he did start laughing and the rest of the day was a blast. I'm forever grateful to Cory for teaching me how to snowboard because it became my thing to do during my winter semester at school even when he wasn't there. He's been a great friend as well to do some crazy and stupid adventurous things with! 

This was fun to hear from my friends. Now this will sound like a brag no matter what I say at this point, but I do believe I'm the best best friend a person could have. Do you have any fun stories to prove how good of a best friend you are? Leave them in the comments below! 


  1. What a nice idea! I'd love to hear some of the things my friends have to say about me! True dedication going through the period bin, I don't think I could do it!!

    Alice x

    1. Right? I'm still waiting for my medal. (: