Monday, June 27, 2016

Coffee Meets Bagel - Most Likely to Brighten Your Day

At this point I'm finding more and more interesting profile descriptions on the dating apps. I mean, I tried to keep my own short, sweet, and to the point. There's enough to go off of to get a feel for who I am and I have plenty of pictures up as well. When it comes to the guys that want to match with me though I'm all ready turned off from reading about them that I don't want to even bother with their pictures or finding out more.

I get that sometimes people just want to be silly with their profile. I get that, you can be witty and have that come across in your writing/typing if you do it correctly. But other times it is just a turn off. It doesn't make me interested and instead makes me annoyed. I mean honestly Ben, I don't care about voting in high school. Aren't you old enough to be over high school at this point? It's been 4 years, at least I hope it's been four years and you aren't being held back and unable to graduate in which case I'm very concerned that they made up the title "most likely to brighten your day" to make you feel better. I'm starting to want to meet Eric more than I want to meet you. I admire that he admits he was successful on paper, because that's what we all focused on in school right? He's now figured out that being happy is the most important thing which is so true. Some people just stick to their same thing because they don't want to change and don't realize how good it'd be for them.

I don't know how I feel about him saying that he likes leaving people better than he found them. Is he trying to say that he is some sort of miracle worker who will change your life? Or perhaps he is just that full of himself that he believes he changes people for the better with just his presence. If that's the case I'm not interested. I believe you can learn and grow from those around you but you aren't always going to have a positive effect on their life. It's as simple as that. Then he decides to add on that it's frustratingly difficult when people are accomplished and have their own Wikipedia entries. What does that even mean? Are you just trying to give your amazing friends an awesome shout out or say that you can't rise to the challenge of changing them for the better when they're all ready well on their way? Either way do remember it isn't hard to make edits on Wikipedia.

I too think it's important to laugh. I can't imagine myself with a guy who isn't funny and can't make me laugh so that makes sense. I don't know how to feel about contemplating how I fit into the world. That's a bit of a task and a thought to consider. I'd rather spend my time thinking about how I can do things to better myself and hopefully better the world at best, but that's not all I think about. The idea of shooting him a message and having him take care of the rest confuses me. What is he going to take care of? Will he use his enlightening powers to tell my how I fit into the world and then go on to somehow leave me better than he found me? That doesn't sound like much of an offer and I'll pass.

Have you ever known someone who thought that they were so amazing that they changed others for the better? What "magical powers" did they think they possessed because I'd love to hear about it!

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