Saturday, March 11, 2017

OkCupid - Space Ostrich

In the world of dating people often try to put their best foot forward. That makes the most sense considering coming off as a jerk isn't something most people find desirable. At least I don't. Now there have been the handful of guys who start sending rude messages if I don't respond immediately but today we have someone totally different. Instead they decided coming off as a douche first and foremost was the best way to go about things.

Now this was a message my best friend received and let's just say that Space Ostrich needs to go stick his head back into an asteroid that can burn up while trying to enter some other planet's atmosphere. 

Who honestly even does this? I'm mean obviously he's a troll of some sort but did he honestly expect some sort of reaction from this? Good or bad what does he think he's going to get other than a response of shut up or being blocked? I can't even believe someone would send this as a message to anybody. I mean, if someone ever said this to my face or to anyone I know and care about I would put a swift end to them. No questions asked.

I feel like Space Ostrich just started typing every mean thing he could think of in English, considering his location is Seoul, South Korea. Why would he even be trying to message someone in the United States which is a whole ocean away? Obviously he isn't looking for a relationship or any sort. Instead he's just out to be rude to girls who he deems unattractive. I wonder if he just pulls up random swear words on google and then pastes them into the conversation.

Let's just clear some things up. My friend is not fat or ugly, nor is she a terrorist. As for riding a camel as a jockey that actually sounds pretty cool but my friend has not ridden a camel before. Most girls wear a towel on their head after they get out of the shower so that isn't really a life changing comment. My friend has had curry breath when we've gone out but Space Ostrich has obviously never had curry because it is delicious. Then he threw on a bunch of words at the end that he thought related to her because they're mean but they actually aren't. 

When she first sent me this message she asked me how she should respond. I told her that she could either be mean with her response or just block and report the guy because he shouldn't be able to message anyone on the app. In the end she decided his message wasn't even worth any sort of response, which was something Space Ostrich likely wanted so he could start some sort of debate or argument that she didn't have time for. 

Have any of you experienced someone on the dating apps sending this as a first message? I'm curious if you have and what they said to you. Are you as confused as I am about this Space Ostrich? I mean, his mind is obviously out there in space thinking that the message he sent is something anyone would want to receive. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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