Saturday, March 18, 2017

Tinder - Barney is a Dinosaur

I've been swiping through Tinder a lot more lately and that's only because I keep getting a notification that someone has liked me and is waiting for me to swipe back. I'm starting to wonder if it's some sort of ploy to get me to use the app though because I swear I'm still swiping through guys that I've seen before and swiped left on. Not much changes it seems. There has to be a queue that it just has me continually swipe through no matter what. That or I'm super backed up due to using the app while traveling. Either way today I stumbled across Barney and it wasn't quite what I expected.

I've heard of people seeing someone dressed up as a cartoon character for the dating apps and thought it was funny. I've even seen a screenshot of a dating app profile for a pigeon riding on a train. There has to be some fun and lightheartedness to the current online dating world. I mean, I did get that dynamic duo involving Kermit the Frog and found it amusing. This however was not what I expected.

I remember having the VHS tape of one of Barney's performances at some grand theater and I loved it as a kid. There are plenty of songs and people who make fun of the show but as a kid it was great. Perhaps this profile is meant to bring back that nostalgia from childhood. That would make sense. I could see a guy thinking that and then just wanting to have fun with it. Once you start to read his profile you realize that might not be the case.

Why is Barney ready to spread some fuckery? What exactly is that? Is this something new that I haven't been informed about? I mean it has to be some sort of nonsense and confusion, right? I want to know more but at the same time I don't. I mean I don't get the point of this profile because I started to assume it was for hook ups but he claims no hook ups. 

From the sound of it perhaps he should still be banned if he got in trouble for posting dick pictures. I mean, that's pretty scarring all ready and to have it be from Barney the Dinosaur no less has to have ruined quite a few childhoods. It doesn't seem like this profile is for fun so much as it is for this Barney to do whatever he feels like while claiming it's all for a good time. 

What is he trying to accomplish? Perhaps he wants a better following on Instagram and also more people to talk to on Kik. I actually checked his Instagram and it seems like that ploy isn't working too well as he only has 7 followers. Then there are only about 10 pictures and they are all photoshopped Barney or artwork of some sort. I really just don't get it. What is the point? It's not even funny at this point.

What do you all think? Have you ever come across one of these people using costumes to make a profile as someone else? Did you swipe right on them and have something actually work out? Or was it similar to this and made you just want to say no? If you aren't on the dating apps what do you make of this Barney who got banned for dick pics? Are you as confused as I am? Let me know in the comments below. (:

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