Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tinder - Minnie Said No

I can't even give a good reason for going on Tinder lately. I stated last week that they have a ploy of saying someone has liked me and are waiting for me to swipe back which I firmly believe at this point. Now it seems that I've coming across more and more profiles to share with you though. I'll have you know that this is all for you because you read my blog and deserve something funny. Last week we had characters in costume and it seems like that trend isn't going to die anytime soon. Let's get into it with poor Minnie.

It's easy to tell from the pictures that Ivan is in very good shape. Good for you Ivan. He also works for Caesars Entertainment Corporation which of course is on the Strip so he probably keeps very busy. I'm sure he works for one of the shows which is why he would be in such good shape. He could also be a club promoter but I'm sure most girls would just chat him up walking the Strip and then never go to where he's promoting. If he was in a show I could imagine them showing up though. 

With these photos I'm a bit confused because is it just me or does there appear to be a mic pack on his belt in the second photo? You can see the bit of microphone taped to his chest in the first photo. This makes me think this was part of some sort of promo or publicity stunt for his work. Or he was just trying to film something for kicks and giggles. I just can't get over the woman's expression in the background of the second picture. She's hardcore judging and it's great. I mean, you can see in the first photo she was just minding her own business but then things took a turn for the worse changing to weird and she was concerned.

I have to say we don't actually know if the person in the Minnie costume is a girl. Most of the time when I've been on the Strip and seen someone out of their costume it's been a guy. Can you imagine a guy underneath that Minnie head just rolling his eyes over the fact that some other guy proposed to him on the Strip? It's funny to think about of course but it probably isn't what he expected to have happen during his shift on the Strip. Then again I'm sure all kinds of crazy shit happens because you run into the most interesting people when you're down on the Strip.

It's funny to me that Ivan claims "She said no but you can say yes" because it makes me wonder if he's going around and proposing to any girl he meets. "Oh, you messaged me on Tinder? Want to get married?" can't honestly be the conversations he has with those he matches, can it? If it is I need to know more. Has any girl actually received a message like that? I mean, I did get a proposal once from a prince before in a message but it wasn't something on the profile. 

Maybe Ivan just randomly goes up to strangers and asks for their hand in marriage. What if he only asks people in character costumes? Does he think that he's marrying the character? That would explain a few things now wouldn't it? Ok, not really but it would be quite funny. Maybe that's his entertainment job at Caesar's, walking the Strip and proposing marriage to film the reaction. Is there a YouTube channel I haven't seen for this?

Either way what do you all think? Isn't it a bit odd to have pictures proposing to someone in a Minnie costume? Can you even take this dating profile seriously? Or are you thinking it's all part of some publicity stunt that we just don't know about yet like myself? Let me know in the comments below. (:

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