Saturday, August 12, 2017


If I'm being quite honest I didn't expect a DM from John on Twitter asking me how I was and then inviting me to participate in #ILiveItIBlogIt because I've been quite terrible on my blog as of late. I mean, I was on vacation so that's a good enough reason as far as I'm concerned. It was still nice to be invited to participate so let's get to it, yeah?

The whole point of #ILiveItIBlogIt is to bring bloggers closer together because no one should feel like they're excluded from the community that is blogging. That also means they shouldn't feel bad for having an opinion and sharing it while others may not agree with it. Plus there's the stereotype about blogging that it's all fashion and beauty. If anything I'm certain this blog shows there's so much more to share and discuss as do many other blogs.

John suggested to write a blog post about something I believe represents who I am. That immediately got me thinking about what could possibly represent who I am? I can barely answer the question of what animal best represents me because I could easily be a combination of so many. As I thought more about it I realized that what best represents me would be a bit easier to explain with a story. It's not very long mind you so don't worry.

Some of you may have noticed I do have the opportunity to travel quite a bit after saving up enough money for a trip. A year ago I was in Poland with a group of traveling friends. We decided we wanted to visit Schindler's Factory while we were in Krakow. I'm certain most of you know of Schindler's List since it is a movie. However, if you don't know he was the owner of a factory that helped Jews escape from the the ghettos during World War II. The Jews worked for him as cheap labor but they were able to escape the horrors of when the ghettos were destroyed to send the Jews to the concentration camps.

Schindler's Factory is still standing but it has also become a museum representing what went on in Krakow during the Nazi occupation. There was so much to see as you walked through it. The walls were covered in text, pictures, and even videos describing the history of how the Nazis invaded Krakow and how people either escaped or were too late and trapped. My traveling friends moved on through the museum at different rates, which didn't bother me in the slightest. Everyone has their different interests in regards to what catches their attention when it comes to history.

I went through that museum gathering all the information I could. I remember collecting all the little papers that were a calendar of sorts when you had them all, documenting the major events and what was happening. I also got so absorbed and lost in videos of survivors telling their stories. The little girl who tried to escape with her mother at age 6 and her grandmother only to have to leave her grandmother behind and also lose her mother as she was left at a Catholic church so no one would know she was Jewish. The little boy describing the war planes flying over and the neighbors thinking it was just a show, until the bombs started to go off and destruction followed.

I went to every monitor I could to listen to all these different stories being told by the survivors who made it through. The only happy part of the story was the survivors actually surviving but along the way they went through a lot of hard and sad times that I can't imagine having to go through. I finally finished walking through the museum about 30 minutes before they were closing.

I discovered my travel friends were waiting outside for me. They asked if I knew how long I had been in there. I shrugged my shoulders because I had no idea. My travel friends had been done for more than an hour and even tried to go back in to find me but they couldn't. I had been so absorbed and somehow hidden while learning that I didn't even notice them looking for me. They asked if I had gone through twice but I told them I only went through once stopping at everything. They were surprised and said that I must have learned a lot. After that we left and went out to eat dinner.

This story best represents who I am because I am someone who always wants to learn and know more. I want to hear first hand stories and details about events both past and present. I truly feel that if we can't learn from our past we won't have a future. Instead we will be stuck in the same rut without having a way to get out of it. This matches with #ILiveItIBlogIt because as bloggers we're able to share our experiences and grow. Others can join us to talk about their own personal journeys which will lead to so many more connections. We're all more similar than we think but we have to be willing to communicate, which is something blogging allows us to do.

I honestly don't know how best to wrap up this post but I hope you decide to join #ILiveItIBlogIt and share something that you feel represents you. We're meant to be a community so why not be a positive community? I know that I'll enjoy reading or watching whatever you decide to share. (:

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