Thursday, August 3, 2017

8 Automatic Turn Offs: Dating App Edition

There are things we all consider turn offs when it comes to guys. From the dating apps it's easy to be turned off by the guy sending dick pics. I think that's something we can all agree on. Or even the guy who only has a bunch of group photos with him being the only guy surrounded by a bunch of girls. It is because of these turn offs that I decided to make a list of things that are an automatic turn off when it comes to guys on dating apps.

1. Spelling / Chatspeak

I don't think spelling should be an issue but it would seem that the dating apps exist to prove me wrong. People are literally on their phones and they can't spell correctly. There is autocorrect for a reason yet they still find a way to mess it up. I mean, we had the "I'am" guy before and that still just hurts my soul. If you can't spell on your bio, use a weird font that is unreadable, or use strange abbreviations I haven't seen since middle school I'm immediately swiping left. I don't have time to try and decipher what you're trying to say to me.

2. Group Pictures

I get that some people use only group pictures because they are hoping that a girl finds one of the guys that she sees attractive. Let me tell you now that she's going to be extremely disappointed when she meets you to see you aren't the guy she wants to meet up with. You can play the looks aren't everything card all you like but a girl does want a guy who she finds attractive. Another thing that guys do is post a picture of themselves surrounded by a bunch of girls. Do you think this makes you look like a ladies man? It honestly makes you look desperate as if you're trying to prove that you are in fact desirable. Show me some pictures of you, just you, doing something you enjoy.

3. No Bio / Uninteresting Bio

If you don't have a bio I'm not wasting my time. I know nothing about you other than your pictures. I'm not looking for a hookup so your pictures alone aren't going to interest me. If you barely have any information in your bio you're boring as well. Tell me what you like to do. List off a few fun tidbits. I don't think it's that hard. For example say, "I love surfing, hiking, and running with my dog." That is actually something a girl can work with rather than, "Eat, sleep, lift, repeat." Talking about the gym just makes you seem dull because that's all you do with your life. I'm a big fan of listing your height and saying what you're looking for. It is because I am in Vegas that I get a lot of people who just want me to go clubbing, so I make sure to put "Not interested in going to the club." That way if I do get messages about clubbing I can easily filter them out.

4. Dick Pics

Trust me, no one wants to see your dick. If they wanted to they would ask you for it. Don't have it set on your profile as your picture. My eyes have been scarred enough I'm worried I might lose my vision. If a woman wanted to see a dick they could easily Google one or ask. On top of that you may have noticed that some women are now fighting back against it by sending the picture to the guy's mother. I'm certain you don't want to be that guy who has to have a conversation with his mom about his dick picture.

5. Instagram / Snapchat

Don't think I'm going to follow you just because you listed your username for either one of these apps. I don't know you like that. The point of the dating apps is not to gain more followers. Go buy followers on the internet if you're that desperate for attention. Also please make sure if you connect your Instagram that you don't have pictures that are all about stupid things you've found on the internet. It's more of a turnoff when a guy has pictures of dumb memes or things his bros would like. Keep that to yourself.

6. Picture Correlation

Have your pictures match your bio information. You love the ocean? Have a picture of you at the beach or surfing. You enjoy nature? Put up a sweet shot of you in the great outdoors. That looks so much better than the same expression in five different mirror selfies. Don't tell me that you live in your bathroom. If you do then you have a real problem. Having multiple pictures helps. Don't be a blank or greyed outline of someone. That's just going to get you ignored at best.

7. Messaging

Yay! You've somehow matched with someone so you can now start messaging them. Don't send any of the following messages or variations of, "Hey beautiful" "I love your smile" "Can I get to know you" "We have a lot in common" "What's up?" "*Heart Eye Emoji*" because none of them will get you a response. Honestly, it isn't appealing. Any girl can easily get lots of messages like this and it doesn't exactly stand out or catch her interest. Instead be a bit more personal like, "Hey, I noticed you like hiking. What's your favorite hike you've been on?" "I love your fourth picture! Did you enjoy traveling in (insert country here)?" Something like that seems so easy and yet very few guys actually do that. When I get one of the dull unoriginal messages I immediately delete it. I don't have time to waste.

8. Drinking / Smoking / 420

This one won't apply to everyone but it is such a turnoff to me to see someone always drinking or smoking in their pictures. Just because you have a bunch of alcohol doesn't make you cool. Having a giant cigar is disgusting. Smoking cigarettes or any sort of drug is not attractive. It actually saves me time when guys have pictures of themselves doing any of these things because I can easily swipe left. 

In the end these seem so basic yet I'm sure most girls can relate to the struggle of dealing with what's listed above as turn offs. If you feel that I've missed anything be sure to let me know in the comments below! (: This is a fairly basic list because if I were to go through every single little thing that is a turn off I wouldn't ever finish the post.

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