Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tinder - Jar Opener

It's gotten to the point that when a guy messages me on one of the dating apps he seriously just needs to say something along the lines of "Hey, what's up?" in order to get a response from me. I swear it isn't hard to do but men are unable to grasp such a concept. Instead they think they should be creative and witty, which can work in their favor if they actually are. Sadly in my experience most men are not creative and witty so instead we get dud messages like this one. This post is possible thanks to Paige for the screenshot. 

Hey Zander, if I can open my own jar of jelly can I punch you in the face? I think that would be a fair trade off. That or I get to kick your knee out and dislocate it so you can't even hobble around to try and get to your phone to send such a stupid message. This easily could have been a funny message about opening jars but only if we can go to a movie, or go bowling, or go do something else fun. There was no need for this message to be sexual in the slightest. Does he actually think he's accomplishing something here?

As you can see it's literally the first message he is sending. Does sending a sexual message work for men? Are women actually wanting to receive messages like this? I know I certainly don't care for any message that isn't an actual conversation starter. Perhaps I've missed the memo about this being the new great conversation starter. I could have sworn I saw something from one of the dating apps stating that the best way for men to start a conversation with a woman on the app is to talk about food. That should be easy! Then again dating should be easy and it isn't.

I don't get why Zander thought tacking on the compliment of having gorgeous lips was making this message any better. Is that why you want to open jars for me? To cum on my face because I have gorgeous lips and am so hot? Let me tell you Zander, you are certainly not worth my time. This is just the sort of message I was talking about in my post about 8 Automatic Turn Offs while using dating apps.

I just wish guys would use their brain, even the tiny little bit that they must possess, to realize that if what they are messaging a girl isn't something they would say to her face when first meeting her then they shouldn't send it as a first message. It should be plain and simple.

I need to know if this works for any guys who happen to read this blog. If you send this message do you actually get a response you want? Ladies, would this message actually receive a response from you or would you just ignore it and unmatch with the guy? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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