Saturday, August 19, 2017

OkCupid - Trouble and You Know It

I know that when people see someone they make assumptions about them, especially if they've never even met them before. It happens and is to be expected. We're all human after all. We can call it our gut feeling or we can just admit we're judging based on what we see. What matters in the end though is whether or not we are willing to get to know the person no matter what our thoughts are about them. Today I had a guy make an assumption about me but it didn't go far.

We're going to call this guy Trevor. Now we can easily see that Trevor is all about the mirror selfie, which is fine. It's a bit of an old outdated move and most of the dating apps actually recommend you don't use that type of photo. I think it's pretty sad that the dating apps are having to give advice on what types of pictures to use but they're just trying to help. Trevor decided to message me and I found it interesting he said I'm trouble and I know it. The last guy who messaged me that was an older guy who could have easily been my father. Gross, I know. At this point that's apparently the kind of guy I attract on the dating apps.

Is this some sort of snarky pick up line that I just don't know? Is it some sort of code? What am I missing? I don't know what is in my profile to make someone think that I am trouble. I have a job, I travel a bit, and I say what I mean. Is that what trouble is now? Either way I thought saying that I was glad it was easy to recognize would give him an opportunity to say what it was about me that was trouble. Instead Trevor opted to say nothing. What was the point of this message Trevor? Why are you wasting both of our time? I guess I scared him away so I am a bit of trouble.

Now another thing I noticed is that our match percentage is 0%. That means he hasn't filled out any of his profile or answered any of the get to know you questions. That or we literally are complete opposites which is quite worrisome. Of course the percentage itself isn't everything but it's kind of fun to see where other people's interests are in relation to my own. I can find the guys who actually enjoy similar things to myself or just be left to deal with the douchebags who aren't worth my time.

Has anyone ever had someone say that they were trouble? Was it taken as a joke or were you confused like myself because you didn't see how someone came to that conclusion? I get best friends saying they're trouble but not strangers. Is it secretly a code word that I don't know? Let me know what you think in the comments below! (:

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