Saturday, December 2, 2017

OkCupid - Sweat Emoji Love?

Remember how there was a movie all about emojis and how they had secret lives? I mean, I only remember it because of the commercial trailer but I never actually saw it. It was one giant advertisement for a bunch of apps that paid the most money. Either way emojis are becoming even more important on dating apps. That isn't to say that emojis are just now being used or anything like that but I'm starting to encounter them even more in first messages. Today I discovered that either I'm old or I just don't know what emojis mean.

I am honestly so confused. Isn't that the sweat emoji? Does it mean he loves to sweat? Or by the order does he need some sweat love? Do I need to love that he works out? Or does it mean he is sweating just by looking at me and loves it? I can go on and on with different variations of this type of questioning but I truly don't get what it means. To make things even better he didn't even reply back and tell me what he was trying to say. This leads me to turn to the internet. Can someone please explain and tell me what he meant? Even if it isn't exact I'll take some sort of meaning other than my questioning.

I get that a lot of emojis are used now to make communication quicker and sometimes people use emojis to have their own little language of sorts amongst friends but this guy is a stranger. How does he expect me to know what he means? I can understand a flame emoji means that I'm hot or on fire. A simple heart emoji means love about one thing or another. We all know what the eggplant emoji is used for at this point and if you don't I'm just going to allow you to google that for yourself. But sweat drops and a heart is where I get lost. 

Does this make me old? Am I phasing out of online dating because I don't understand the new lingo that is emojis? If that's the case I suppose I'll just become an old maid. I mean, at this point it wouldn't be surprising. Not that I would be bothered in the slightest by it but that means a lot more weddings where I'm asked why I'm not dating or why I haven't found someone to tie the knot with yet.

I would rather have a guy who I can talk to using words than just emojis. How else do you have a real conversation to get to know a person? I get using a bunch of emojis to talk and be silly when you actually know someone but with a stranger emojis just don't cut it as a form of communication. Perhaps the emojis are best suited for a quick hook up and one night stand, which is totally fine if that is what a person wants and is looking for. That means I'm just not attracting the right kind of guys who are looking for the same things as myself.

What do you all think the sweat emoji and blue heart mean? I turn this over to you because hopefully I'm not the only one completely confused by it. Also do you have conversations in emojis with strangers or is that more with your friends? Let me know what you think in the comments below. (:

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