Monday, July 30, 2018

Travel Tuesday - Seattle Underground Tour

Did you know that present day Seattle is built on top of the previous city? I know that I didn't! Kind of strange to think that though, right? Well, when you learn the history about Seattle it all slowly starts to make sense. I went on a tour of the underground city that still has remnants to this day, including skylights from present day sidewalks lighting the way. I thought I'd share a little of what I experienced so that you could try it out for yourself!

My friend Stephanie was the one to suggest we go on the underground tour in Seattle. She had never been before and was always interested in going. Since I was in town she now had someone to go with so it would be more fun! We bought our tickets online, but there was no major price difference between buying them online and in person thanks to lovely service charges from online. If anything it just guaranteed our spot on the tour. We were given wristbands after finding parking nearby and waited in a room with others who were going on the tour. At our tour time we were moved upstairs and given the presentation about the history of Seattle. It took about 15 minutes.

Long story short Seattle was started by three men and they were all about their own personal gain, meaning they were corrupt. The city wasn't properly set up because they weren't prepared to deal with the tide or even having a sewer. This led to problems of things flowing back and the streets being covered in water that wasn't exactly crystal clear. It was a lumber town so when a fire was started and couldn't be stopped everything burned down. When it was time to rebuild the town they decided to do it above what was left so then they could get their sewage lines in and going.

After that it was time to take the tour! We walked out of the building and made our way to a side door outside and went down the stairs. It was well lit and there was bright yellow spray paint on the ground to show where it was uneven so be sure to watch your step!

Everything is just the same from long ago and there is plenty of debris laying around. You can even see holes for more tunnels that were used during the prohibition by runners.

This was the city plan for building on top of what had burned down. They used ladders to get up and down but that caused an issue when the men decided to drink because some would fall to their death so it was called an accidental suicide.

See how elevated this toilet is? You wanted a higher toilet so that when there was too much pressure in the sewer system it didn't come back up your pipe and spray all over your house or you.

All in all the tour was really educational and insightful about the city. The company even offered for paranormal visits to the underground city at night but I imagine that it is really just the same but with the lights dimmed or flickering. Maybe a few ghost stories too. But if you're into that sort of thing try it out and let me know how it goes! I enjoyed it and it's definitely something I am glad that I did. We had a guide with us the entire time explaining everything as we went.

Have any of you taken the underground tour of Seattle? Or are you now interested in going? Let me know what you think in the comments down below. (:

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