Saturday, July 28, 2018

Annie's First Bumble Date!

I mentioned on Twitter that while up in Idaho with a friend I had them download the Bumble dating app. For the sake of this post we're going to call my friend Annie just to make things easier. Up in Idaho dating can be a bit rough apparently because Annie doesn't drink so she isn't going out to bars to meet up with guys or anything like that. Also Idaho is a pretty big state and some cities and counties can be pretty far spread out so meeting people can become more of a chance encounter. Let's get into the fun of teaching her about Bumble and how it led to a first date!

Annie had never used a dating app before so I basically hijacked her phone, downloaded Bumble, and set up her profile. I used pictures of her traveling, swimming, and rowing because those are her interests. Basically I am trying to throw guys a bone when it comes to starting a conversation as well because they can see what she enjoys doing. After doing that I handed her the phone and told her to start swiping. It was interesting to see all the different profiles that were still somehow familiar to me. She was horrified to discover guys who were married and looking for someone to cheat on their wife with. I had to explain to her that sadly such a thing was a common occurrence.

Swiping through was fun as she found guys who were tall (she's 6'1") that she also found attractive! There were some guys who had confusing profiles but you know I'll be posting and sharing those later. I was surprised by how many guys in her area had a ton of tattoos and had two or three kids from a previous relationship. I mean, kudos for sharing that information straight up because I know my friend and I appreciated it, but still a bit surprising. I guess my expectations for Idaho men weren't quite spot on.

After swiping through a bunch of guys her phone screen flashed that she'd matched with someone. I explained to her how now it was her job to start the conversation because guys couldn't message first. Annie sort of freaked out a bit wondering what she should say because again, she's never used a dating app. I told her to message a question about one of their pictures or ask what they're doing with their holiday off. She got to work sending messages and then continuing to swipe. It was entertaining to watch because soon enough she had several conversations going on and Annie glared at me saying, "I'm going to have to stay on top of this aren't I?" I told her it was better to keep the conversations going while the other person was on the app so of course.

There were a few guys who could hold a conversation and suddenly after only a few messages Annie had a guy (we will call him Brad) ask if she'd want to meet up for a coffee date. Annie was more than excited but asked me what she should say. I laughed and told her to say yes unless she didn't want to meet up with him. They set the date and that was that. Sadly the date was after I left Idaho but Annie called me to tell me all about it! Annie showed up at the coffee shop, ordered her drink, looked at her app to see Brad's face while looking at the other patrons, and then found him with ease. Brad was tall, cute, and super chatty. They talked about traveling and how they were still new to using the app. Brad even thanked Annie for showing up! Apparently he'd been stood up a lot of times, which is kind of sad because talk about a waste of time. It's not that hard to send a "sorry I won't make it" text or just to not let the date be scheduled if you aren't interested.

Anyway, so Annie and Brad talk about all the fun things there are to do in Idaho. It's all about that river and lake life and Annie mentions that she hasn't been hunting and fishing. Brad was smart and mentioned he'd love to take her sometime, maybe even for a next date! The coffee date lasted about an hour because Brad had to go to work and even said he was sorry to cut things short because he was really enjoying himself. They did say goodbye and stand up to leave but of course plunged into another conversation and then slowly started to leave again only to keep talking as they walked. Before Brad got to his car he asked Annie if he could get her phone number so that they could go fishing or do something else for a second date. Annie gave him her number and since then they've been texting.

I will keep you all posted about Annie and if the fishing second date happens or if Brad disappears. Sadly, that's been known to happen. I was really excited for Annie to find someone with ease thanks to the app to go out with and hey, if all else fails she'll get to keep swiping and maybe get another date with someone else. What do you all think about a coffee meetup as a first date? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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