Saturday, August 11, 2018

Annie's Second Bumble Date!

Can you believe a second date has happened? I was in shock as well and a bit excited for my friend Annie. I mean, having some success on Bumble is always great especially when it's your first time using it. If you haven't read about Annie's first date then click on over to read that post before continuing with this one. It will just help to set the tone so you know what all happened. Then when you read this post you will be able to really form an opinion on things. I mean, I know I all ready know what I think about this second date so let's get to it.

Annie and Brad were texting. A second date was set up to go bowling and then have dinner. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong. Annie heads to the bowling alley to meet Brad at 5:30pm. When she gets there she doesn't see him. She sends Brad a text asking if he is there but gets no reply. Turns out her phone decides to stop working so none of her texts are sending. She messes around with her phone trying to get it to work but to no avail. Finally after turning it off and on multiple times it starts to work. In order to not seem completely weird and awkward at the bowling alley she decides to rent her shoes and pay for a game, that way when Brad arrives they're all set to go.

At 6:00pm, thirty minutes after they were supposed to meet, she gets a text from Brad saying, "Are you ready to bowl?"Annie of course is confused because she's been ready for the past 30 minutes but has yet to see him. She's been bowling just to pass the time. She texts Brad back saying yes and asks where he is. Brad replies that he is at the bar next door. Now, hopefully in your mind there are some Kill Bill sirens going off or some red flags because why would Brad be at the bar next door? They never said they were going to meet there. The bar was never mentioned in planning the date. So now Brad isn't looking great because he's 30 minutes late to their date and was at the bar just waiting for it.

Annie tells Brad she is at the bowling alley and he comes over and meets her. Brad gets his shoes and then joins in the game with her. They are chatting and playing but Annie realizes that he's not really having a conversation. He's more just talking about himself. At one point as Annie is getting ready to bowl and he moves behind her and grabs her as if to try and help her bowl. Keep in mind she never even asked for his help nor did he offer. He just made the move himself thinking something off it. Annie said it was pretty awkward because she felt very uncomfortable by how close he was to her.

After they finish bowling Brad says he's ready to pay for it. Annie is confused because she had to pay beforehand to get the game started. She tells him that and he quickly offers to pay for dinner. They head over to a Chinese restaurant to eat. The discussion over dinner was more of a therapy session than anything else. Brad was talking about his ex-girlfriend to Annie, as if that was something she wanted to hear about. But Annie felt trap so just kept trying to keep the conversation going.

When the meal was finished the waitress brought the bill. Brad took out some cash and paid only to have the waitress come back to the table to say he paid an insufficient amount. The bill was $28 and Brad paid $25. Annie thought maybe he just got confused. So Brad pulled out a $5 and added it to what was owed. He then waited for the change and didn't even leave a tip. Annie was horrified, considering she does take note of how someone tips because she likes to see how one person treats others. Annie was so horrified that as they got up to leave she waited until Brad turned around to put some cash on the table as a tip.

That was the end of Annie's second date and she called me immediately to share the news. Needless to say I was just as confused as she was by the fact that Brad was at the bar when he was supposed to meet her at the bowling alley. I mean, I guess you could try to say he was trying to calm his nerves but to text 30 minutes late about it? That's a bit odd. Then to mess up on the bill could be attributed to his early drinking as well but again, odd.

What do you all think? Would you be miffed if a guy was more than 30 minutes late to your date because he was at a bar drinking? Or do you think you could excuse it? Also do you think it's inappropriate to talk about past relationships on the second date? Or is it better to just clear the air and let everything be out in the open? Let me know in the comments below. 

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