Saturday, October 13, 2018

Bumble - Changed My Mind

As I mentioned before I had my friend Annie start using Bumble where she lives, just to get out there and go on more dates. Now, she recently had a guy finally start messaging her after all but disappearing back in July. Yeah, it's been three months but you know, we'll give Marcos the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he doesn't check the app often or he got busy, because life does happen. Today though we're going to see what happened when Marcos magically returned to Bumble!


Marcos skydiving is pretty cool and definitely a great conversation opener. The fact that he just disappeared back in July even after being asked a question makes me wonder if he just didn’t know how to respond. That, or he was just lying about skydiving so much and he’s only gone one so he doesn’t want to talk about it again. Either way Marcos recently reappeared a few months later saying he didn’t check the app often. That’s not terribly surprising because a lot of people tend to do that. To disappear for a few months though is a bit much. One would think that when coming back to a dating app they would want to start over fresh but whatever.

So Marcos starts with the usual of where are you from, but to immediately jump into asking whether or not Annie has children or has been married is a bit much, don’t you think? Like, the conversation has legitimately just started but then again some people do lie on their profiles. Either way having been married or having children doesn’t seem to slow Marcos down as he asks if Annie would be interested in going on a date. In my opinion he seems to be jumping the gun, but then again I guess that’s not a terrible thing. Plenty of guys drag there feet so a meet up or date never actually happens. Just a little conversation only to end in ghosting. 

Annie has plans because of course she has a life, so to schedule with Marcos next week makes sense. Marcos seems fine with that and she puts the ball in his court. He can choose when and where and Friday seems to work best. To suddenly change his mind within 24 hours is a bit strange. I’m wondering if Marcos found someone else to meet up with for a date who was more readily available. That’s all I can think of. Marcos is going to have to learn that patience is a virtue. 

What do you all think of Marcos? Did it seem a bit much to immediately ask to go on a date without actually having a conversation or would you prefer to have that happen? Either way the quick change of mind is a bit disappointing. Let me know what you think in the comments down below. (:

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