Saturday, November 24, 2018

Bumble - No Nut November

Ah look, today we have someone who is trying to be trendy. I mean, I assume that Victor is trying to be super cool with the way he filled out his bio on the dating app but I can't say I want to even have a chance to ask him. I mean, surely it is meant to be a joke but I can't say that I am laughing. Anyone else use dating apps while trying to go without sex because that just sounds weird, doesn't it? At this point most people are using the apps just to hook up. Anyway, on to today's story.

For those of you who don't know about no nut November it basically means that a guy can't have sex, masturbate, or nut in any way, shape, or form. Basically it's some weird thing that guys do to prove how manly they are as far as I'm concerned. It really is a joke and just seems to be a way for guys to complain, or have a reason to complain, about not getting laid. I really think it's more their fault than anything else but that's beside the point.

Now Victor has his bio saying it is day eleven but we are well into the end of November so that makes me think that either he’s been too distracted to update his bio or he failed his stupid little mission. Either way the fact that Victor thinks this is a bio of any sort seems to be a waste of time. Please note that by waste of time I mean that he is wasting my time. I am one of those people who do read the bio’s that guys post because it is a nice little way to get to know them. Of course, that is after I check their height first because we know that’s important to me.

I don’t know why he is trying to make it seem like he’s super strong because he has been successful for eleven days and thus has super powers but that’s a bit of a stretch. Is this some sort of guy humor I’m just not getting? Even if it is something that guys joke about why would you put it on a dating app? Victor is trying to match with women, unless I’m mistaken and he just shows up for everyone. If that’s the case he should really only have this for his bio if he is trying to get with another guy and they’ll both think he is hilarious for what he has written.

I wonder if Victor can clearly hear my thoughts about how stupid his profile is and how he’s not doing himself any favors. Maybe you should all join me in thinking that and he just might get the message! Fingers crossed though because you never know what will get through his thick skull if he has failed his mission for the month and has lost all his powers.

What do you all think about Victor and his profile? Do you find it to be amusing and hilarious? Or are you just as bored as I am by it finding it to be a waste of time? Also, do you know any guys participating in No Nut November and trying to brag about it? Ask them why they're doing it and enlighten the rest of us if they actually have a legit answer. Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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